Food insecurity in the Congo

It’s perplexing to see news about malnourished children in the DRC numbering around 0.5M and 30M adults having inadequate food supply, in a country that is majorly a rainforest.

hunger of the brain.

Induced dependency by the UN.

Blame it on war and political instability.
And I think I have come across threads here showing the infrastructure there is terrible.

Hii ndio huwa mnaita an oxymoron?

And it will only get worse with rising population, global warming and massive illegal logging.

When I see some educated fools advocating for war in Kenya, you wonder.

I am waiting for @FieldMarshal CouchP’s comment.

A growing urban population without a means of fresh produce, food and agriculture in the rural areas. Their land has precious minerals that are controlled by rebels and those minerals get to europe every year like clockwork. Those rural areas are a no go zone for majority of the population let alone expecting food cultivation there. Its so sad to see a country been plundered live live.

in a place with as much rain as the congo you do not require infrastructure to grow a banana in your backyard.

Hapana. Hiyo i irony.

Oxymoron ina contradictory words kwenye sentence. It reveals a paradox.

He remained faithfully unfaithful.

Nyani haoni kundule, Kenyan citizens laughing about food insecurity in another country??

Kinshasa population is 11.8 million, they import food from as far as France and Belgium since their local manufacturing is nonexistent. The poor make due with whatever substituent farming produce is grown in government controlled areas or from Congo Brazzaville and Angola. The rural areas population forage the rain forests for any wild animals they can get. A few weapons, little cash and supplies is all european companies need to smuggle the precious metals out of DRC nearly free and tax free. The UN will remain there and pretend it doesn’t see the 100’s of Cessna caravans landing all over to collect goods and drop supplies. Almost all villages have a grass clearing that serves as a bush airstrip.

But you need to remain in the same place for you to harvest that banana, war forces you to be constantly on the move

Niaje shepart

Ah the story of Africa.

Negros being negros while other negros feign surprise and confusion.


So what I’m reading here is that kuna soko nzuri ya commodities huko? I wonder what the cost of a cargo flight there is… Hii village kuna mtu wa logistics atusaidie na estimate? :smiley:

Its not ordinary people flying those cessna, private contractors working on behalf of the west mining companies and coordinated by black sites by their spy agencies in Uganda. Really mean pilots. Their was one who landed a bigger cargo plane and it attracted a big crowd. Locals asked for a lift to Ug or he wouldn’t be allowed to take off. He simply fastened the cargo and let a few sit on top of it. He took off, midway he opened the cargo door and climbed, they were all thrown out. Only two survived. They landed in Entebbe and they were badly shaken. This white people are merciless.

What? Shait…