Fombe haramu. ..

[ATTACH=full]8725[/ATTACH] Would you believe this “Rest in peace” venom has being selling at Kandara-Muranga in the guise of alcohol.
Funny enough it found market despite the label it carried.
Maajabu haya. …


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Kwani saa huu ndio umeamka kutoka kwa mtaro ya fombe … sikakuonesha ulete upus ya venom ya muranga hapa

Hii pombe lazima EABL unajua kitu inaandelea trust me.

How come it’s only that picture of that particular bottle going round the internet? Mtu alete picha ingine if it’s for real

The one on the left is a fake.

what is wrong with it?

Washa walefi wajibambe

Its as real as you see it hakuna foshotop hapo!.. …it was on telly…


My nigga that’s the same picture 5 times!

Mmmmh…change your viewing angles 5 times and it will be a different picture everytime!

Fair enough.

I think the thought of hiyo kitu must have somehow got to my head!

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