Fogging: only in 001

Mombasa Crime Alerts:
County Health

Mombasa County Government public health officers have begun spraying mosquito breeding sites to prevent spread of Malaria and dengue fever.

The diseases have been on the rise in the County since the onset of heavy rains the past two weeks.
The team led by County Public Health Officer Raphael Mwanyamawi, conducted the exercise known as fogging at Kidarajani, Palestina and Majimachafu in Bamburi-Kisauni.
They will then move to cover other areas in Nyali, Mvita, Changamwe, Jomvu and Likoni Sub-counties.
Fogging- a technique used to kill mosquitoes and other insects is done using a device known as a mosquito fogger. It is also carried out early morning and late evening when mosquitoes are most active.

The officers from the County Department of Health have also begun chlorinating boreholes and other water sources in the County to prevent outbreak of Cholera and other waterborne diseases.


Is it mosquito insecticide that they are spraying?


It’s our local site that gives us advance and early warning to dive into our bunkers upon sighting of Wakali wao, Wakali kwanza, Forty brothers, Lebanon brigade or other locally assembled goons

What would you expect with Sultan Madawa’s sprawling heaps of garbage and places with names like Majimachafu?

It is a crime against insecthood (hehehe, insectity)

They are committing insecticide.

Like we have good and bad bacteria, don’t we also have good and bad insects?
Have they factored in the effects on the eco system when they annihilate all the insects en masse?

if bees go extinct, man will follow tafakari hayo…

:D:D:D kunywa maziwa kiasi msee.

Umesahau floringi gang aka floropa kutoka Majengo…