Flying Saucer Seen in Murang'a?

Someone needs to confirm this shit is real!
Is there anyone from Murang’a reading this?

Hii mathogothanio tumeona hapo chini.


[SIZE=1]tena si limuru?[/SIZE]


hao sio wale watoi wa ile movie “The 100”. wanakuingilia kisaitanically kama venye dj afro anasemaga … hehe
alllrrreeighhhtaa! hehe

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[B]Justin[/B] ‏@shitmydadsays 4 Jun 2010
“Look, we’re basically on earth to shit and fuck. So unless your job’s to help people shit or fuck, it’s not that important, so relax.”

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c.g,i bwanaaa

Maybe flying pot, africans do not use saucers


Kubafff hizo sticker kwa windshield si ya kenya

Upus such a huge thing could have been spotted by thousands, kenyans are idle hakuna kitu huwapita not just 2 niccurs smoking weed in the car.


Stupid! kwani huyu jamaa anachukua hio clip ni director flani? Eti anachoose place ya kutuonyesha hio flying sauser itapitia!! Thats so fake…na hio image is so big; unproportional to distance from camera and its speed.

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Its the Ugandans…they are behind all this…Fuckin Ugandans!

Thats a UFO or an Alien ship…