Fluctuating temperature measurements

I have been going to several offices/ shops where my temperature is taken at the entrance… The strange thing is that I get different temperature measurements everytime… at times abnormally low at 34.4 degrees Centigrade… My understanding is that temperatures below 35 are an indicator of ill health yet am very normal even when such measurements are taken. Then when go to another shop in the same neighbourhood, the temperature increases to 36.2 - 36.6 deg C. Are these gauges fake? How can one have such significantly different temperatures at almost the same time? What are your experiences?

Environmental factors. Kama kuchomwa na jua


Kuna siku nilizuiwa kuingia Equity,nilikuwa na 37.2 nikajam nikauliza soldier Kama yeye Ni daktari akaita AP. Nikaenda another Branch nilikuwa na 32.1 wakaniruhusu niingie.I was left wondering which one was correct and worse.Never went to hosi no symptoms no illness.

I think that these gadgets are simply fake… if you go to a hospital setup, they get normal values. 32.1 is an ICU case…


I also think that they administer it incorrectly at times… like they allow you to sanitize using alcoholic sanitizers then proceed to take measurements on the hand that you had just sanitized… Obviously the temperature will be low… which gives false-lows implying that 40 degrees could read 37

good observation.

There’s something we call calibration. Thread closed

All this devices irrespective of brand should be calibrated against a standard calibrator so the error should not be noticeable by more than a 1°

Yeah… But this is a major issue then considering what they are trying to detect…

There should be a standard that all those gadgets meet even before we think of calibration. You can calibrate the instrument only for it to lose the calibration in the next minute.