Five-weight world champion Floyd Mayweather has been stripped of the WBO welterweight belt won from Manny Pacquiao in May.

The 38-year-old failed to pay the WBO a $200,000 (£128,000) fee to administer the fight by the 3 July deadline.

Mayweather had been expected to relinquish the title by now, saying he planned to do so following his points victory over Pacquiao.

Fellow American Timothy Bradley will now become the full belt holder.

After Mayweather defeated Pacquiao, he had declared he would vacate all his titles in order to give younger fighters the chance to win belts.

“The WBO World Championship Committee is allowed no other alternative but to cease to recognize Mr Floyd Mayweather Jr as the WBO welterweight champion of the world and vacate his title.” said a statement on wboboxing.com.

Mayweather, who still holds the WBA and WBC belts at welterweight, has until 20 July to appeal against the decision.

He is expected to stage one more fight in Las Vegas on 12 September, although he has yet to name the opponent.

The WBO created a vacant interim welterweight belt for the 27 June fight between Bradley and Jessie Vargas.

Courtesy of; http://m.bbc.com/sport/boxing/33418239


The guy made $230 mil…why not relinguish $200K…
But then again he still won and he is the champ!

Next will be klitschko vs Tyson fury…october 24th!

Champ my ass, pac man beat him in the past two fights. Take that to Equity.

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what past two fights?

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he hang on for dear life, hiyo ngumi made him tipsy

Mayweather is the nigga who has niggad the most in the history of niggaring! Buying irrelevant shit, spending money on Instagram hoes and just being all round niggarish! AND NOT NIGGARISH LIKE A$AP WAS TALKIN’ 'BOUT!

Dis nigga 'bout to find out what its like to be MC Hammer after the money’s gone!

P.S Can someone read this back to him? I know that nigga spending his money on everything but adult education classes! SMDH!


@Web Dev what two fights?

During the mayweather vs pacman i was pro pacman! I have watched enuff boxing fights to know when a fighter looses and the weaknesses that made him loose!

Mayweather is purely hated for his lifestyle bt truth be told he earns his bragging rights…HE WORKS HARD!

His fight vs shane mosley which is the clip posted above is the punch that has ever had him stattled almost going down bt there are many fighters that have landed on thr canvas and still rose up to win the fight!

He has controversial wins bt all within the boxing rules like the miguel cotto knockout, it was unsportsmanship bt within the rules!

Theres the new kid on the block, his name is Genardy Golovkin AKA GGG…Put your focus on this kid…his record:
The kid is fierce and has a killer power punch!


Hata mayweather ameingiza maji…

Are you sure about that? past 2 fights? haha

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WBO is losing its credibility. Why would a world boxing organization want champions to relinquish any other tittles that they have won in the past? Quite bizarre! Let’s say they want to give pac what he did not earn.

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keep waiting, mayweather is smart, he knows which persona sells n its all about the money. like he says love me or hate me you are going to watch me

Thats total BS! This are not rules that govern the boxing sport and they have not emerged after mayweather vs pac fyt! Afterall the belt has gone to Tim bradley fought jessie vargas for the interim title is to get the belt!

Bradley has fought pacman twice first round he won …extremely controversial…judges decesion bt hiyo ndio ilikuwa wizi proper! Bt pacman accepted and a rematch came and he won…thez no way pacman will be handed that belt…he’ll have to fight for it if he wants it!

Again, mayweather declared he will fight his 49th and last fight after he retires kwani you think the belts he holds will no longer be on the line?

@Conservative dude thats not the reason!

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You right…hes got great business minds around him! Case in point he new the prime time to gross in the maximum from the pac bout cz like i mentioned Golovkin is stealing his thunder!

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I accept to eat a humble pie.

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True, the knockout was against victor ortiz not cotto.

about GGG yes he is good n courageous but the next big fighter IMO is canelo alvarez

Thanx bro …Ortiz it waz…i always confuse the two donno why!
Ssande ssana!

GGG is gud and he has cleared everyone in his division though he hasnt faced any elite fighters! Bt part of the reason is many of them are avoiding him! canelo was put on the spot after his knockout win against james kirkland few weeks ago if he wud fight GGG he said yes…the champ in their division is miguel cotto…(hope am nat confusing again) after canelo, cotto (the champ) who is also approaching retirement!

yeah maybe coz they are all latino, i confuse latinos too. cotto vs canelo is up in november, cotto is reluctant to face GGG. next year hivi canelo vs GGG is very possible. it will be a great fight.

Other than the age factor which is catching up cotto is likely to retain his title…Freddie roach has really upped cottos game! Lets wait and see!

Cotto vs canelo
Canelo vs GGG
Cotto vs GGG

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BS… Nigger has money to buy his current lifetime 3 times over and still be rich enough to be niggarish like you saying. Fanya hesabu…and stop hating.Appreciate

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Even Mike Tyson blew $ 300 million dollars on whores, drugs and parties. She has a point, there are so many broke former African American athletes like Holyfield (too many baby mamas on alimony), Iverson etc.


floyd doesn’t drink, no drugs and seems to have learnt from other peoples experience. he has a business acumen, not retired but he is already a promoter. most controversies are just to attract attention. his long spell at the top also speaks volumes about his character

LMAO! Are ya’ll stanning for Floyd so hard that you choose to ignore EVERYTHING else he does outside the ring? Do ya’ll follow him on any of his social media accounts? Do you see how spendthrift he is? Do you see how completely DUMB he is?

That entire comment sounds like you’re talking 'bout 50, not Floyd! The only reason that nicca isn’t already broke is because of pure luck! He places large bets on random stuff and sometimes he gets an even more massive payout. DATS WHAT THEY CALL GAMBLING OVER IN THE GAMBLING BUSINESS NICCUR! HE ISN’T USING DERIVATIVES OR GRAPHS OR NOTHING LIKE THEY USE OVER ON WALL STREET! I don’t know what “business acumen” you keep talking about. I bet ya’ll think that Donald Trump’s success is because he has “business acumen”. You need to take a bunch of classes on how luck and privilege works as opposed to actual business sense.

In Floyd’s case, he got what most black people get and that is physical talent. On the other hand, he also got what most black people get and its called BEING A NIGGA! I stan super hard for niggas but I always remember to account for the fact that they niggas. Only a few really make it out of that mentality. Despite everything, only a few niggas seem to have they head on straight like Dre or 50. Floyd is outchea buying every single Instagram thot a house and car, living big in Vegas, attending all the big parties and wearing all the ice he can carry! He forgets that his sport is age-limited! How he gon’ keep up that lifestyle once he retires? Nigga already operating on half a brain, how he gon’ survive when that half is knocked loose in a fight?

Business acumen LMAO! I need ya’ll to take a couple of seats and look at this situation afresh.