Florida doctor died after receiving COVID-19 vaccine


Florida doctor died after receiving COVID-19 vaccine

And we’ve been singing this song for a while now

Hii vaccine was rushed out too soon. I would rather wait a couple of months atleast before takin it

Amedungwa na poison kwa mwili? Pole kwake na familia yake

Why do we need a vaccine against common cold? I swear men are now becoming sissies

Siwes na Siwes dungwa hio kitu

He died TWO WEEKS after receiving the vaccine. Thats a long period where anything couldve happened to him.

sawa lets see how you will travel outside the country .It is mandatory to have the test done or maybe you will sing to them?

Same way sijawahi kanyanga supermarket because I never wear tupid masks

According to the NYT post, this a 1 in 9 million fatality probably caused by the vaccine. That’s a good number.