Flash Back to 2017

Just found this bugger on my meme folder. What a time that was. This place was a barrel on fire rolling downhill. Enyewe politics maze can stupify.



Wanakaa samadi ya ngombe

I rid myself of these

  1. Football fanatism
  2. Religion
  3. Any kind of craze
  4. Local (Kenyan) politics

That makes two of us.

Used and dumped.

He he… Githeriman ameondokea iyo vako.

Head of state commendation

He only has himuselefu to blame. The unexpected media spotlight came with lots of free goodies from all manner of people and companies. A smart man would have seized the moment like Bonoko did.

@Wanaruona na safari boot zake ndio huyo hapo pia ndio anangoja base ifunguliwe atoe lock.

The good old days of no masks ,no curfew ni kukunywa hadi che.

He is a simple man he never asked anyone to save him.

Idler Una sumbua. Hii uvivu ndio ilifanya babako asikuachie kakitu ndio Kwa maana Una uza mattacore pale Seattle.

Nakumbuka ukitusiana ni kama ulikua umelipwa na jicho nyanya na Arror
Sands of time!

what do you mean by religion? no longer going to church

I used to catch feelings, sometimes I took it personal without being aware. That I am guilty and ashamed of.
But… did I insult you or anyone else just one time, Buddy? Not me, never! Hapo umeniwekelea!

I’m not Christian, not Muslim, don’t believe things or in things that are alleged without verifiable proof…

Going to church might not necessarily mean religion to some people.

What does your world revolve around?

I’m left with KenyaTalk, for the largest part. Last year we had Trump.

Only an idiot doesn’t care about politics, the thing that determines allocation of resources.

We are in the same boat

Mind your language, my friend!