Hizi vitu huwa za ukweli ama ni za ufala???
Friday’s match tip!

Basic Details:

^DATE: > Friday, 26th Feb. 2016.
^ODD: > 21.50 ±2 (subject to fluctuate depending on time and bookies).
^SAFETY: > Confirmed 100% safe.
^KICK-OFF: > 10:00 PM (EAT)
^TYPE: > Single Bet

#Price Ksh 4,350

Payment via 0723012908 which is also my WhatsApp number in case of any inquiry. I will be sharing the match and other necessary terms and conditions on WhatsApp once I confirm the payment. I hope the number you will use to pay is the one you registered your WhatsApp with so as to be efficient and effective in confirming and forwarding the ticket.

It’s a restricted match and I will be giving out to the first 32 people.

Kindly remember to observe the INSTRUCTIONS attached to the ticket if you’ll get it on time. Terms and Conditions to apply as it has been.

If you placed the free bet yesterday and won more than Ksh 70,000, kindly use a different phone number (line) in placing the next (Friday) tip.

if i had a fixed match mbona nikuitishe 5k ndogo…siunchukua loan kwa mshwari na kcb unaweka 20k na maisha inaanza


Sasa umemake 70k the previous day, then unaomba 4k,nkt



hawa jamaa, wale wa motivational books za how to get rich, wale pastor wa plant a seed, wale jamaa wa pyrabbit na quail ni sampuli moja


Cant stop laughing at this! Hiyo 4 k, niwekelee sure bet moja ya odd ya 1.30. I will get a return of 1392. Hiyo ni pesa mzuri hapa kenya…hehehe

Some fools will actually fall for this. The sadness of life