Five reasons why I will never again use KQ’s direct flight to and from the US

Ktalk birrionaires, hii ni ukweli ama hii ghaseer inachafulia “The Pride of Africa” jina? Mimi na hii 9k salo ya cyber attendant sigwes afford air ticket, pengine nisave for 5 years :D:D azawais ningeleta objective review.


Can all these problems happen on one flight.

Some people in the comments section are saying he’s exaggerating, others say it happens with other flights as well so it’s not unique to KQ.

KQ ni chieth hakuna tofauti na zile FORWARD za akina @uwesmake . Huko Una beba chawa na kunguni.

Its normal nigga thought was all bout expired food stff etc

ulipanda moja ukapata chawa na kunguni ?

Not a birrionaire but I avoid KQ like shizzle. They treat jungus differently from us. If you ask crew to help you with anything…they think you are being bosy as they can tell forexbo I am Kenyan. If a Jungu asks they run to his/her rescue.
They also gossip in Swa which is so wrong. 'Kwani anafikiria yeye ni nani?? but kunakuwakanga na dawa yao. Asians/Muhindi!!! They ask for everything from special veg food… to pls put up my hand luggage up there nyof nyof…even if they can do it.

You guys are so demanding :D. Me all I ask for is a soda or a drink, from time to time. I actually walk to the kitchenette to get it myself.

@captain obvious jambo jet wako na offer mzuri ya wakulima wadogo wadogo wa watu wa cyber, nunua ticket elfu mbili only

Sandsana omwami, huu mwaka wa dwendi dwendi lazima nichangamkie hio offer.

I am not a bossy traveller. Hardly eat anything… maybe a drink and I also go to the kitchen especially if it is past serving time but the arrogance sucks…guys here have complained but wapi?
I am a fan of Ethiopian Airlines ubaya is the stop over.

Hapo kwa luggage ni ukweli…last month on 29th was the latest episode for me…they only arrived with the next flight and the suitcase was torn along the zip

Hii si ni Mambo na Ile wizi hufanyika kwa check in. Always carry your valuables as hand luggage. Usiweke kitu yoyote ya maana kwa suitcase.