Dear Vera Sidika, I
think the person who
invented Instagram
meant for it to be a
photo sharing app.
Neither did he have
essay sharing nor
gossip sharing in
mind. Like one
Instagram user put
it: “Huddah na Vera
wakavutane nywele
salon. We like our IG
with food pics &
twerk videos.”
We have absolutely
no reason to believe
anything Vera Sidika
said. After all, we
have come to know
that she is a ratchet
individual. I can
never respect nor
believe a lady who
can post an
Instagram picture of
fake boobs followed
by the caption, “Who
wants some milk?”
Since when did milk
come from plastic?
Come to think of it,
the so-called
conversation between
Vera and the person
exposing Huddah
might just have been
staged. Vera might
just have concocted
an evil plan with one
of her girls to make
Huddah look bad.
Anyway, here’s why
Huddah Monroe,
despite her flaws, is
much better than
Vera Sidika.
Bodily features
Huddah Monroe is
naturally light
skinned while Vera is
a wannabe light
skinned lady. In fact,
Vera is disgrace to
the dark-skinned
community. Black is
beautiful and so is
brown. There is
absolutely no
justification in
switching colors.
We all know Huddah
comes a little short,
who are we kidding,
she is malnourished
when it comes to
front office
endowment but she
has always accepted
that. In a number of
interviews, she has
said she doesn’t like
her boobs but it’s no
big deal because she
has a super body
God doesn’t give you
everything and
there’s no need to be
greedy. Vera on the
other hand just saw
the need to plant
plastics on her chest.
People who try so
hard to achieve
something are never
attractive. Vera tries
so hard to get the
attention. She might
claim to have a large
fan base but it all
consists of men who
would sleep with her
given the chance and
young ladies who
want to have such an
easy lifestyle as hers.
Huddah is rather
humble – compared
to Vera that is.
Somehow, you can
see it in her that she
was raised well. Go
ahead, laugh!
Huddah has dated a
couple of well-known
men and has been
desired by many.
Mustapha nearly
went crazy over her,
confessing his
undying love to her
in the media and
interviews. He even
came out recently,
saying he was sad
things ended
between them.
He felt she had a
good heart contrary
to public opinion.
Meanwhile, no known
mortal has ever
claimed to have
feelings for Vera.
Even the anonymous
“Oil Tycoon” has
never said a thing.
Prezzo dated Huddah
too. The same Prezzo
now strongly denies
ever dating Vera. He
distanced himself
from the rumors and
shunned her like she
has Ebola. We can
also remember that
during Huddah’s one
week stint at the Big
brother House last
year, she had a
number of suitors.
We’ll see how Vera
does, if she makes it
to the house.
I’ll be quick on this
one. Huddah doesn’t
have a fake-accent.
She talks naturally.
Vera on the other
hand acquired a
brand new accent.
There has also been
no known proof of
Huddah claiming to
have what she does
not own whereas Vera
was recently busted
after stealing an
Instagram photo
belonging to an
American lady and
posting it as her own.
There has been no
proof that Vera
indeed has an “Oil
Tycoon” boyfriend.
Even the houses she
claims to own, no one
has ever seen them.
I will conclude this
with what I strongly
believe in – morality.
Given a choice
between the two, who
would you rather
have your daughter
look up to?
Men, who would you
introduce to your
mum as your fiancee?
Ladies, who would
you rather have as a
friend you can trust?
The answers all
revolve around one
person – Huddah
Any lady who can
afford to tell the
public via social
media that she’s
horny is an immoral
freak and a threat to
national progress. I
rest my case.

Weka hiyo picha ndio niconfirm kama ni plastic

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None is better all of them are attention seekers who go to the point of losing their dignity just to gain some attention.

mm nasoma comments tu…