FISI CODE for Strategic Slayqwin management!

As a man of means, many women & slayqwins will seek ur attention in many ways like telling u how ur kitambi/kihara looks cool or find ur lame jokes funny!
Sababu gani anasema hivo despite glaring discrepancies on most occassions? —> She needs FAVOUR(S) from U, & if you are lucky suruali utashukishiwa if da favour(s) will keep on recurring. But many men ukaushwa even after havin been GONGWAD vibaya sana!
So here is the counter trick ninawapa saree! husiposema Asande ni sawa, I ll understand da bitterness & torment u ve undergone.

Code: DAI NYAP using ur lame lines! :smiley: kwani iko nini! :smiley:

Most likely they will say NO! - End interaction hapo na hapo. So in the near future haezi karibia wewe na hizo msaada za ki-upussi!
Problem solved! :stuck_out_tongue:

If she accepts ur mjulubeng, Jua huyo ni kisokorokwinyo na lazma utalipia.
Atleast you will ve weeded out freeloaders!

Ma haters nimetaja shida zenu hapo yuu!

You have described how beta males with money get pussy from ratchets and kungurus.
Alpha male never beg for punani. Nor do they pay in advance for it.
We are offered free kwa sahani. Na tunapikiwa supper na kununuliwa mzinga bure.

Tangu lini Ben10 akajiita Baba toto?! :eek:

That is beta male thinking.
Let me help you.
If you show a woman your standards are higher than she is currently operating at, she will fight to show you she is better.
Women do that by offering sex, cooking and gifts.
But if you show her she is the queen of Sheba, utalamba mpaka matako.
I’ve been where you are, young man.
Women are many. Alpha males are few. Do the maths.

forrowing for my mzee abdalla…

@Andrew Kibe look at your wannabes. Advise him or something, idc

Sasa hata wewe sio Baba toto tena labda nikuite Kibaba dodo! kwa nini?
Mara Greek alphabet, mara ni hesabu :eek: Boy, ur analogy of one-size-fits-all to every situation is as lame as ur name! analogies aint universal. Hapa sio NATGEO, stop plagiarizing their lexicon.

Funda wewe! :smiley:

Kuma-anisha?? hizo standards u r yapping about it all boils down to MONEY, PESA, CHAPAA!
ama standards zako ni gani? vile unanyamba perfume?! :frowning:

He he he now I see you ve peeled back ur mask completely, Fighting here means she is using Sponsorers money to impress ur bloated ego!
utajua haujui hizo gifts are lazed with sponsorers cum! lamba kabisa! silly!

Now you know the supposed “Alpha male” is swimming on Dumpsite-of-sponsorers-sperms! lap on it nigger! lamba hiyo Dumpsite clean!
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I keep forgetting we have high school children on this site.
I humbly apologise for dropping advanced knowledge on you.
In ten years you will understand.

High school kids?! :frowning: na hii umeffi umeandika hapo yuu unafaa kuitwa?! :eek:

Mlamba_kundu! :smiley:

I concur.


If you combine the months u ve joined ktalk with that of your fellow wankstar you are concuring with doesnt add up to mine!
So you cannot purport to be wiser coz ur balls are not distended enough!

Heshimu wakubwa wako nigger

Afterall I anticipated those retorts thats y my caveat above still stands!

shadow of war is a great game

I think you are trying to treat diarhoea yet the patient just needs band aid.


Who let the bag of idiots open?

@Doltress am not in the mood ya kujibizana esp on Mondays, I gat a biz to run.
.…btw twas last month’s post kwani ulikuwa? ama haukuwa na bandolz?! :eek:

Hii ni ukweli hii

In summary, tupa mahindi kuku atajilete ukule

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D kumbafu wewe Aleki