First time at SJ...Part2

…For how long she stayed there massaging my ego which had been badly fractured by the huge amount of uncalled for touching and use of vullgar language that i had encountered. I remember the momo telling me"Enda ulipe room nitakupa style yoyote unataka. Nitapiga nduru wajue wewe Ni dume sweetie. Ni soo mbili Na room soo mbili". Regardless of the touching my dick remained sheltered well deep into the balls cavity. She lost hope of kunipandisha manyege and at some point she almost went down on me. That’s when i came to my senses. All of a sudden i remember the day my homeboy kinots Alcatel and wallet disappeared mysteriously under the same same roof like two years earlier and jolted to the urinals Kama hawker Cbd ameona kanjo. Zile urinals ulikuwa unapata line wanaume wamesimama nyuma ya wengine waiting patiently for their turn. Funny thing hakuna mtu anaangalia mwingine macho. When my turn came i rose to the booth and opened my zipper. Sema mkojo kukataa. Have you ever bembelezad mkojo Kama imekatalia ndani. I was amazed at how like men came unleashed their cargo and a fountain gushed out immediately. 5 turns came and went. I would stop close my eyes and when it was almost coming inarudi tena.A phone call from Mickey broke the whole experience of waiting and I gave up. My boy Mickey was calling to tell me nimpate at the corner on the most left side. Nikarudi mbio to that side avoiding again all manner of touch on my face and private parts ((read dick). I saw Mickey in a corner with a momo on one side and a laptop on the other. He had ordered 4 tuskers. 2 for myself and 2 for himself. The momo was taking krest and the laptop black ice. I settled on the corner near the laptop. Evidently i was still shaken after the experience and it took me 5 minutes to gather courage to look around. The strong scent of sex and pussy still hung around like nonsense. Hahaha i don’t know how nonsense hangs. The first person that my eyes met with was a slightly built mama. The skin-chocolate ebony. The heels-the size of the small geometric ruler we used in prima, was it 15cm?, a black skirt- same length as the heels above, the hair was some braided pony tail that hung freely over the shoulders. Our eyes met and we stared each other in the eyes, she closed the left eye and i hurriedly looked away. Let me describe the appears of this room. It was the size of a small hall located just before the main entrance to the bar. I hear nowadays this room is no longer there. Inside there were like 5 tables sorrounded by small chairs and benches all over. On the far left hang a 21 inch tv, zile za utambi. A security guard was standing on the entrance and near him were two Long benches. Sitting on those benches were like 20 fresh sllers( i came to know that later) and miss left eye was among them. I started siping on my tusker bottle with no courage to look up. Looking under the table there was a serious hand job happening. Mickey was getting it from the momo. In s sudden turn of events my dick which was still lodged inside the balls quickly shot up like a hungry wild animal. I quickly scanned my eyes on the 20 whores. All i could see were thighs and thighs, mostly brown and few dack ones. At this time the laptop had dangerously come near me. I guess she had noticed the hard on hanging precariously. It even rose higher. I looked up and my eyes met with left eye, this time she licked on her lips. Same way i had seen some nude girls do on a western hip-hop music video. Then the unexpected happened. She looked into my eyes and on the ruler-sized skirt, she parted her thighs slowly and inside lay paradise lost. The cunt was clean shaven with the lips slightly open. I guess she had come some action. My dick could now not fit inside my boxers and before i could think what to do laptop had noticed it and quickly unleashed it outside the trap. Part 3 coming soon…


paragraph ni muhimu- haka kablock of grey kamenishida

Hapa ni uongo na unajua.

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Believe you none of the 20 had innerwear. I came to learn later that in the night shift(apparently they also work in shifts as SJ operates 24 hours) all the pokos there throw their thongs in the hand bag

@ Leo Mwangih you need to understand that not all listers can pull a mebenda4 or a Atheist. just stick to commenting alone

Stop dissing Mwangi. I like the story so far.

@mabenda4 na @The_Atheist, you have serious competition here.

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hekaya za abunuwasi.

Still reading, as the self proclaimed village critique, my opinion will come at the end of the story.

@Leo Mwangih unakuja vizuri lakini hii hekaya iko na parts mob sana. While we wait for part 3 tell me on which episode uliangusha hio shot, mvua itanipata hapa

@kush yule mnono part 3 ndiyo shuma ilirara ndani. Hehe keep it locked

get to the climbing bro. climb the left eye


@mabenda4. Part 3 almost coming

I wish ungepea hii story ma subheadings Kama vile séries huwa…keep it coming

@Leo Mwangih uko poa. Keep them cumming…

o_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O Jo!