First time at SJ....Part 3

…the last time my dick was being handled by a member of female species outdoors(well i considered the hall outdoors) was in college in 2005 when i had DFHKBL a masai chic under a podo tree(podo trees are those humongous trees that as kids we believed that if you go round it seven times in a clockwise manner you would turn to a member of the opposite sex) in the school rugby field. I can attest that no fuck is sweeter than an one.

I therefore felt extremely embarrassed but relieved for that moment of getting a hand job under the table, apparently she had applied some Vaseline or some other jelly on her hand because the feeling was out of this world. A quick look at Mickey and I saw him impatiently beckoning the waitress to bring his momo two rounds of black ice, she had switched from the Krest, i guessed he had cum from the mischievous grin he had on his face. I looked to the bench opposite us with the corner of my eye(you know that design we used to monitor the lecturer in exam rooms when we had a mwakenya tucked in our groins) and caught left staring at my eyes with those eyes that say i want you now and now, i want to feel what metal your shuma is made of, i want you eat you alive. I quickly turned away and pretended to sip on my tusker.

In all my years and experiences with ladies i had never cum from neither a hand job nor a blow job. I always stopped in the middle of the road and gave them a fuck of their life time whether they were in their month or not(I have seen a different talk on that subject and i also attest here that the pussy is warmest during that time of the month provided you do it in the shower. I will treat the talkers to a talk on my experience on that later). Given that i was not going to allow laptop be the first one to make me cum with the hand job. I immediately beckoned her to stop though i could feel a load of sperms,semen and blood filling the whole josto. I knew there and there my shuma was gonna eat someone and the choice was between laptop and left eye. Time check 10.05 pm and already downed two tuskers. Mickey had ordered another double for himself and he was already on the third tusker.

At this juncture my josto was huharing miruri(whistling) and had mysteriously gained a life of its own. I could almost hear it talk it to me telling me that if i did not get it a keino there and there it could burst and offload all its contents on my black office trousers and embarrass me. I immediately beckoned Mickey near me and asked where the rooms are located and what’s the procedure of paying them and he explained that the paying booth was just outside the hall we were in and after paying one was given a small receipt, condoms and tissue paper. He told me to access the rooms one had to either go through the main bar straight to an exit on the extreme end or pass through the corridor at the urinals and pass to the far end to the right. I shivered on hearing the second choice after remembering what the other momo had taken me through and all the touching i had received. I had to do quite one plus one and decide who i wanted between the laptop and the left eye. I looked at the lap top and saw her downing black ice like water. She looked the type that on her tenth bottle would ask you ‘kwani hii pombe ya Leo imewekwa maji juu silewi’. Out of ten i removed four points from her. My eyes darted fast on the left eye who was sitting direct infront of me on the bench now. She had placed on leg on top of the other and i could see the whole thing to the point the thuruari is normally located only she didn’t have one. I heard josto give me one more vigorous kick. I added 2 marks for her. I looked her on the eyes and she closed the right one now. I knew my josto wanted left eye(sorry right eye now) there and there.

I did quick mathematics and knew i needed 420 bob. Mickey had told me they charge 200 for one shot, 200 for the room and 20 for the cd(they gave you one trust. The studded type). I had 4200 in my wallet and there was no way i was going to carry my wallet and phone to the room after hearing Kinot’s experience(Refer to part 1 of the talk). I removed the 200 from the wallet and gave him the wallet and phone. I requested he give me a loose 5sok note. In total 700. That’s the maximum i was going to carry. I stood up to leave and went to the small corridor where the paying booth was located. Looking behind both the lap top and right eye were standing there and i got confused.(Story for another on the abuse i got from laptop in the process of convincing her to go back to the table). Hapo my friend kulikuwa queue ya couples Kama tano and we had to queue behind them. The things i got to see there i had only seen them in a blue movie. Infront of us was a couple of a very old man probably in his 60s with a very sharp pot belly( he actually looked 9 months pregnant) and a very thin, tall and brown and wearing a red handkerchief(it was a skirt for all i could care and compared to the laptop, laptop would be considered overweight, yes she was that thin). The whole of pregnant’s right hand which was the size of a small tray was inside the handkerchief. The smell of pussy here was even more stronger. It took us like 5 minutes to pay and be given tissue and our condom. I felt horny like a he goat all the time.

After paying right eye grabbed my hand and she took to the main corridor that was lined up with all Manner of pussies and their smell. We went straight to the far end where there were 4 or so rooms. We choose the far end one and encountered a very thin guy and a momo, very brown with an ass that looked padded because its location was where the mgongo is supposed to be. Thin guy looked depressed and was murmuring some things. Probably he had been robbed or he had been chucked before cuming. It had to be one of those if not both.

The room was a sorry state. First of all it had a very dilapidated bedcover and very old mattress. The smell of buttocks hung all over the room. Before i could say anything she spread her hand beckoning money. I told her she already had my 270 after paying 230 for the room and condom. She told me for her to give me an unforgettable job including a bj i had to add 100 bob. Josto was tearing out of my official trousers and i had to oblige. I gave her the 2soc which i didn’t get change. She went straight for josto who was now mad for all the delay. She pushed me to the wall and nested me there block in my leg with her thigh. I could feel the warmth of keino just above my knee. She gave me a very violent hand job at the sane time massaging her boobs in my chest. She valishad the cd and i was shocked with the kind of bj i got. I had never heard of a cded bj. She sucked on me like a nursery school girl sucking on a lollipop. After 5 minutes of sucking me she threw me to the bed and climbed on top of me. It was one of the tightest pussy i had had in a long time. She rode me like a boda boda rider on a bumpy road. She could ride and pause when she suspected i was near kumwaga. I turned her upside down and positioned her for doggy. The sight of her ass made me think of throwing the cd out of the dilapidated window but then the thought that she is a hooker stopped me. I came in 10 seconds. Singevumilia zaidi

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@stunner. Apart from the state house, military barracks and high commission offices, brothels is the other place where ‘Photography is strictly forbidden’. #team mapoko

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hii story ina bamba…

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@uwesmakende. You if you don’t like the story. Don’t read it leave alone comment

mbwa ghasia ww

Leo today umejaribu kuandika, the imagery makes one get the picture.If you had a bj, missionary and doggy in 10 seconds, it means every position you did in 3sec.Give a thrust one sec each and see how the story turns out.


Eiii wasee nyinyi hutoa wapi hizi picha ?? I know the thresh hold for evidence in this village is high but this is extreme sometimes mimi hucheka pekee yangu nikilog in…
kwanza kulikua na villager mmoja huko klost sijui alikua anatoa wapi( his name escapes me)


Part 4 ?

Kuna ile alijibu nayo tough mama( where the hell did she go to?) Iko in my mind leo
halafu ule wa kupost ma hyena mingi smfh!

I feel like crying, I normally don’t side with the two wicked sisters but today we’re on the same side.Nani amewahi skia ati poko ana sense you want to come ana pause?Those bitches are after your money not pleasure and the faster you come, the faster they go looking for another client.Hawataki kuchokeshwa.

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Reminds me of wiz kalifa lyrics in work hard play hard that says the faster yu come the quicker yu go

only a few will ask u not to cum before they do…

@Delilah. In men, ejaculation is always the end of the story so that is the end of that particular part.We will start another series though

I came in 10 secs after going the doggie way. The ass was irresistible

Nice story.

But I would like to know what happened after Cumming. And how the laptop received you. I bet you climbed again that night.

@aviator you guessed right. We ended up fungaing the laptop and momo. It was a very very long night and if I give details we can go up to part 10

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We don’t mind hata ikifika part 13. Wacha ikuje!