First time at SJ Part 1. Long read

Having attended my college huko ushago, my first visit to SJ(read Sabina Joy) or Karumaindo was in 2007 when I got my first job in Nairobi in an insurance firm. I had heard so many tales of the famous whorehouse from my friends. Kinots my home boy had so much to talk about the place. Like many men in Nairobi that’s where he was initiated from a boy. He was so dedicated to the place that he had gotten a laptop of a girlfriend named *Scola. Never will these hookers give you real names. It was only in 2005 when his new Alcatel phone was pickpocketed when he was busy ramnyaring a momo that his weekly routine stopped. The Alcatel was only two weeks after he had upgraded from zile Motorola za antenna.
Fast forward to 2010 in my official first visit. I remember very well it was 8pm after a long insurance meeting. My pal Mickey decided it was my turn to be initiated. We first took a left turn and turned a to a long corridor to the urinals. This became my routine afterwards every time I visited. The corridor was lined up with a type and sizes of coomer. The smell of Pussy and sex was everywhere. My dick shrank into the balls when a momoish mama came straight to me. Opened my zip and held my cock and started moving her hand up and down. All this time i was rooted to the ground in shock…Part 2 coming

Picha ama it neva happened

Dranya. Apparently you have never been to SJ. You don’t chuck your camera or your phone in a manner to suggest you are taking a picture and survive one more second there. You risk losing the 4 front teeth .


It was 2007 not 2010

These un-continued stories zimekuwa mob sana hadi zinabore ::Wht happened to that other one"first spoon" ya madeba4 ??

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weka second part hapa,acha ufala

ONYO KWA “New Villagers”

Kufuatia sheria na masharti ya KTalk na kama ilivyoafikiwa na wanakamati,wanachama na wakurugenzi wote, “New Villager” Hajakubaliwa kuwa na mkondo wa pili yaani “part 2” kwenye hadithi yake!
Kuambatana na sheria hizi utatakikana kuimaliza hekaya hii mara moja ama utalazimishwa kuulipia uwanachama wako na kuibainisha hadithi hii kwa picha,video,skechi ama mashahidi!


@mabenda4, kuja umalize story.

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@kabuda. Hizo Ni rules zako. Kuwa patient uone part 2 ikicome.You will get to know how Leo got initiated the sjway

First time I was in SJ was in '97, we had closed school and after kulaing one of those thick juicy momos,my buddy met his dad chucking from a room with a whore,that moment was priceless…


ati long read then to be continued na ni two paragraphs. Kubaff.[ATTACH=full]3720[/ATTACH]


Used to prefer 3 eden, reminds me of how you could chuck and take an abrupt turn on the street so that no one will think you came down the stairs.

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waah sijui naweza cheka ama nilie

:mad: tht a lie…:D:D

@Web Dev. Its very embarrassing kukutana Na msee unajua especially kwa hiyo corridor ya kulipia room

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I went to Eden nikiwa mono,favourite Ho was called Ciru some Momo with big ass juicy thighs,she faithfully serviced me for over 10 years,in return I hooked her up with a jobo in Afghan as a Document control specialist.

True,my boy blackmailed the dad up until the day he got a job.

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Eti long read…


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Used to weigh like 60kg skinny lakini taste ni the biggest momo in the house.saa huu sinanga appetite na hio size.

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So telling mbishaless stories is the in thing in ktalk now?

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Hehehe… Same here,Ciru was the biggest,fattest,tightest and juiciest with thighs the size of a 52 inch LED… I never ventured further than 1st floor,that’s where all the momos were at.