First One Night Stand

I was in my second month in college and life was moving too fast for me. One of my cousins happened to have a birthday bash. The bash was on a Saturday. So the material day came and at around 5 pm cuz was already calling coz the bash had started. Got into the shower and waited for my big bro. Bro comes at around quarter to 6 with a nice cologne (Davidoff Cool water for men). I borrowed it to impress the chics, :slight_smile: wore a nice t-shirt, jeans, sneakers and a red snapback.

That cologne was a killer coz the few chics we met on our way to the stage would hug us tight and say something about the nice smell. On arriving, cuz opens the gate for us and leads us to his place. I must have fainted after he opened the door to his place. Around 7 hot and sexy chics :stuck_out_tongue: seated, sipping the finest things of this world.

My bro is the talkative type so he broke the ice. He said something funny and the girls started giggling. Sisi hao kutoa viatu and proceeded to get the hugs :D. OMG! I was so spoilt for a choice. Mmoja, mmoja dame anasimama, you introduce yourself, say something positive about her, smile and get a tight hug. The hugs were tight coz of the cologne.

As the norm, cuz proceeds to serve us and we are now seated with these fine college things getting to know each other. I was so excited coz two of the guys (out of 3 guys) in the room had come with their chics, so the compe would be minimum. After a few minutes, I was nervous na material ikaisha kwa kichwa. :frowning: To avoid feeling like a zombie I excused myself and went for the laptop to play a few songs using virtual dj. All this time, bro was getting comfortable with one fine lass from coast. She was the hottest chic in the room.

So mimi huyo na virtual dj and the girls are liking the music coz they would occasionally stand up to shake their fine bodies. All this time I’m looking for a suitable prey but I can’t decide which one to go for. As time goes by, the chics occasionally come to me to teach them how to mix. The innocent me would then take them through the ropes as we got to know each other. Just when I’m about to go for one prey, other 3 fine chics join the party. Shit! I make sure to give one of the finest chics who has joined us a signal after the normal introductions. Lets call her Sheila. I hold her hand and we get talking as she waits to be served. . The fisi in me is now even more confused!

In another party that had happened a fortnight ago, I had made the mistake of chasing about 4 chics. I ended up getting none of them. :frowning: I learned a very painful lesson and didn’t want to repeat the same mistake. Now, to all the fisis out there, never make the mistake of chasing many chics at the same time. Profile your prey very well, then go for the kill. That’s the strategy I wanted to use today (yes, strategy is key guys :D).

As I was thinking whether to hit on Sheila or the other chics, 5 fisis who were well-known to me arrived. It must have been around 8 Pm. Nikajua sasa ni kucheza ngware. :rolleyes:I mean, these are the guys who come to a party and the dudes start to frown coz the matafakas will take all the chics:(. I wasn’t going to take that chance.

Mara hiyo hiyo I called another dude to do the deejaying and I disappeared to look for Sheila. My mind was decided now. She would be the kill for the day. :slight_smile: If only she knew the evil plans in my mind. hehe

Bro motivated me a lot. He was now all lovey dovey with the coast chic and one would be forgiven for thinking they had known each other for long.

The party was now outside the house and the first thing was to look for a seat as I get cozy with Sheila. Sheila huyoo is telling me how she likes my cologne and my sneakers. I’m all praises for her too, telling her that I’ll give her the cologne I’m wearing. If only she knew how broke I was at the moment :oops:. She is now wearing my snapback and there’s no stopping the fisi in me. Mara hiyo hiyo kwa dance floor. Oh my! She got the moves! After 10 minutes or so of dancing, we go back to our seats and the chic is now comfortable to sit on my lap as I whisper sweet nothings in her ear. :stuck_out_tongue: I must have promised to take her for a holiday in Diani :smiley: . Uh! The lies we tell.

Sheila excuses herself to go to the loo, and I take the opportunity to look for cds. I call my cuz aside, and cuz tells me kuna another chic amenikufia mbaya. Kimchezo, cuz calls this other chic (let’s call her Sly). She is the chocolate type, blessed in the right areas. We chat kidogo and I get to know that she is from Eld. She is asking where I had gone, and I lie that I was catching a breath of fresh air outside. :wink: For a brief moment, I almost dumped Sheila and went for Sly, but something reminded me about the rule of ufisi: concentrate na mmoja at a time. I excuse myself and go back to Sheila, promising Sly I would be back (the things we men do for p*** :))

Sheila is now fired up and she grabs my hand and takes me to this ‘dance floor.’ She gyrates and bends over, prompting josto to become fully erect. She doesn’t mind the erection and she continues to dance in a suggestive manner. Mimi huyoo nikamwabia tutoke nje tupate fresh air. Nje ya gate big bro is there snogging his swahili catch. We continue chatting with Sheila, as I fondle her boobs polepole. She is now breathing heavily. Without warning, she plants a wet one on my lips and I know the prey is ready. I tell Sheila to wait for me as I go to the loo, but in reality I was going to look for a place to chinja her proper :p. I get a place opposite my cuzo’s place. Hapo hapo I go back for Sheila and mutter something like I’m tired and we should get a rest kiasi. We are now arm in arm, and somehow I convinced her tuingie. :cool:

Inside the place, snogging, finger fucking, cuddling and fondling boobs zikaendelea. Slowly by slowly I’m undressing this chica starting with the top, the bra and I’m about to go down to the trouser. Lo! The door ain’t locked! I lock the door, but can’t find the switch. Looking for the switch was taking my time so I abandoned it.

Back to Sheila, finger fucking continues na trouser nikatoa. I’m now looking at her thong, salivating like I had never seen p**** before. I undress haraka haraka, vaa cd and push the thong aside. Sema kuslide my josto into the moist ku** and my josto is asking for more. 10 strokes mdogomdogo then I go deep:D:p Chic starts talking in a foreign language. She is now pulling my ass closer as she raises one foot. All this is happening right on the sofa. She whispers she likes it doggy and I turn her to the correct position. Slamming continues and chic is now fully blast, moaning heavily. “F*** that p****… yeah, f*** it hard, yeah baby, I like your di**… promise to keep on doing this to me,” she would occasionally say… hehe… the things I heard hiyo siku I had never heard before. First round didn’t take long coz in 20 mins I was done. We get dressed up and I step outside first (why does one feel guilty after sex? :confused:). The first person I meet right outside is Sly (the other chic I promised to look for) and she chomoka’s like I’m a suspect (will post her story later). :frowning: I lenga her and proceed to get a drink.

Kumbe Sheila’s friends were looking for her:oops: They had to go back to school coz one of the girls was being by picked by her dad the following day and she couldn’t go back solo. They take a nduthi and we promise to keep in touch.

Fast forward to the following day. My bro didn’t get kanyau though he seemed the only one doing ‘well.’
I keep on laughing at him, reminding him how he was lovey dovey kumbe he wasn’t getting some. Then he drops a bombshell. Watu walituchungulia through the door coz the lights were on and I had not drawn the curtains. :eek: However, the excitement of the first night stand was enough to console me. The air felt very fresh, I felt on top of the world and my face was shining :):D. I would meet new people, smile at them, and say hi. Finally, I had broken the jinx of not sleeping with girls on the same day of meeting. What a first night stand? :smiley:


Nice hekaya, you should have left out the cologne part though. It’s gayish.

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Wasichana wanapenda a guy who smells nice. Sikujua before hiyo siku.

punguza porn boy…kwani watu huweka logbook ya thrusts? Nice prose though…

ION -am off to buy myself some cologne…


Wrong son, wasichana wanapenda vitu viwili, pesa and a man who who can make her squirt.

Hii hekaya iko on point.

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nice one

You have never smelt creed bro, alpha as fuck!

“I tell Sheila to wet for me as I go to the loo. . .” What?

Do you remember to wash your hands before you finger fuck?

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What just happened… From cologne part nipe summary please.


I swear to you. Chics like dudes with nice cologne. If you haven’t tried it, try it, come and thank me.

Typo. Meant to write wait. Thanks for being careful though


Crees by whom?

Start with that, thank me later

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Hiyo in signature. Slow motion 10 times then full throttle. :slight_smile:

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215 pounds! Wooi!

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Kicks cool water out of the water, pun…:cool:

Now write about the “perfect week” … 7 consecutive days & each day different pussy & not langaz but in diff clubs… Siku moja will tell this hekaya when am ready but twas revenge


Talking of cologne, There’s this one i had from Germany (of course my faaar cousin bought only to find was for men), called ROYAL…not the dubai/France one. That stuff was dope. Spray today and that sweet smell could last after washing, and it was not the "chaotic " smell. I even earned respect from a few ladies

Men frags are cream of the crop, all my exes use pour homme now.