First look at Chinese knock off of the Range Rover Evoque.

[SIZE=5]Everything in this video is fake. From the car, the black shades , the givenchy tshirt , the nike shoes even the negrumps is a Ching chong wearing black face paint.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Kshs. 2 million brand new![/SIZE]


[SIZE=5]@Sambamba this one is excellent for you to keep up appearances in Valley Arcade.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]How do you claim to be a super power if your job is to steal and copy paste everything???[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]If you find the time look at the Huawei campus below. It’s as if they are addicted to stealing.[/SIZE]


the rules of efficiency call for you to avoid duplication. Why is it more efficient to create the wheel a new when you could just replicate the existing wheels? And use the resources saved on other things

God created as to be original thinkers not duplicators otherwise we would all look alike and think alike and do the same jobs.

And what really is the point of having a brain if you are too lazy to use it to come up with new ideas and all you do is just copy paste everything you see to the last dot?

Na tena if you must copy mtu hucheza na design kidogo. Yaani add your own touch. Mind you this land wind company is 17 years old surely after 17 years of manufacturing one would expect some innovation, ingeniuty and originality.

what if you do not believe in God and your reason for living is not based on an imaginary sky daddy

So you want Africans to invent new wheels that are triangular ama square in shape?
Msito Xi is jumping the combustion engine and jumping straight into EV because that’s where the future is and they are killing it.
Jana NIO (disclosure I own NIO stock) announced breakthroughs in solid state batteries that will have 1000 KM range in their EVs.
Chinkus unlike bonobos are looking ahead and planning to dominate future technologiesand not trying to master legacy tech where mzungus had a head start.

Yaani washaiba battery ya Elon Musk???

Kaoshe matako ina nuka nzi zipungue Kwa base. Shoga matako chafu.

They start by copying then after perfecting the copying they will start innovating

Land Wind ndio kusema, I can buy it