First Lady mutarajiwa vs small churches

Aliguza mahali watu huogopa kuguza but alinena ukweli mtupu

Hapa uthiru roundabout we have 100 tiny churches, each with loudspeakers, on a half acre of land

The noisier the church the less people it has inside !

I see nothing wrong with what she said

She spoke the truth…Si unajua tu vile KOT huwa na sheep mentality…funny thing is that others will agree with what she said but still attack her based on her persona…shenji sana.

Support her because she fulfils your political purpose. Some former Muslim once said; kenyan Christians revere their politicians more than they revere God. ,

Niko nyuma ya hii kienyeji suafffeeee ya Agwambo tinga designate 5th presden. Hizi vibanda zinafaa kufungwa kwa huku Eastpolis tuna umia Friday hatulali juu ya kelele za ndaramaa. Halafu ukichungulia unapata ni watu watatu.
NEMA should be disbanded they have failed in their mandate to protect is from environmental noise pollution.

Something’s you say on private mode
Those churches are grassroots mobilization tools
Never under estimate their power.

She didn’t have to apologize, alisema ukweli mtupu. People should stop using religion like that bana.

I am not supporting a guy who says bwana asifiwe after burning people in a church. If that means I don’t revere God let God judge me. Don’t be fooled by Hustler pretense. Even the devil is good at quoting scripture. Baba to the statehouse. Uhuru haezi achia Mwenda wazimu, mwizi, muaji inchi. Never. Even God Himself knows it.

Charlatans are up in arms seeing their cheese being moved

That’s the trouble with some of us. We tend to set fiery tongues wagging any time a sensitive issue is touched, and amid the noise, we lose the value of what was said. Mama Ida has been roundly criticised as though she was fighting the church–she wasn’t.The majority of critics have not even synthesized her meaning. The noise is just blind politicizing of simple statements whose truth no one can honestly deny.

Raila l

Raila has led all the PE violence in Kenya since 2007. He was the leader of the 2017 PEV. If Raila curses God, you’ll find a way to justify his statement. If Ruto praises God, you’ll find a way to attack him. Raila is your god