First Knowledge of Sex

If two children around age 2 are put in a room naked for a long period of time, would they know sex on their own or attempt to have sex? I hear people saying sex is innate. What if the two children are in the room or a controlled compound for a more prolonged time, say 2 or 3 more years with all their necessities provided( food, water, toilet, clean clothes), would they discover sex on their own? How did you fellow talkers know about sex? How and with who(relation) did you have first time sex or dry humping? What led you to try it and at about what age?
I’m still V and in high school I was very curious about it especially when I watched the American Pie movies. I’m in no hurry to do it though.

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Even Adam & Eve were just chilling in ze Garden of Eden and they wondered wanangoja firimbi ya nani to get their groove on. It’s a natural instinct.

Kama unaona game yako iko down, there is this modern thingy called the internet where you can download some video tutorials on how to stroke right.


The basic plot of The Blue Lagoon
terrible movie though…even for its time

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You also watched that movie

with time they will have sex

those days…and then again in the early 2000s…it was shot so badly…terrible acting.

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the guy will want to put it in any of her three holes, as lomg as its warm slippery and has grip.
the lady will guide him the the right one!

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They wouldnt. We learn from our friends.

that was a great fucking song…make sure you play it the moment you dinya a chic. Just keep it on your phone and blast in on replay:

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I’ll do that when I start bonking.

Animals learn from which friends?Instinct boss, the word is instinct.

Humans dont have animal instincts. Note that animals only climb when on heat. Since humans dont get on heat, they would die virgins.

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Wet dreams are influenced by your exposure to matters sexual. And if they happen, the first instinct would be kawasaki.

In another thread @Purr_27, talks of mateso during ovulation. Women too get that urge to be banged when ovulating, that’s when they are on heat.


The reason KEBS exists. Would you purpose to meet the threshold or we just deliver the verdict?

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He he :rolleyes::rolleyes:

I remember the thread, but I attributed it to a case of nymphomania.

just shut it and spare everyone the ignorance, the ovulation days are what is described as getting on heat and the woman will want to get laid, men emit pheromones that arouse the female as well