@Mzee mzima. Am a gunners fan since 1997.

And how comes you are laughing at us???

I said here last weekend I have no bias for any particular team. I enjoy a good game of football and love it when minnows upset the biggies. It has been the perfect start of the EPL for me with Swansea frustrating Chelsea and West Ham upsetting the much overated Gunners .

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37 games to go

I’m laughing for the same reasons the fans booed after the final whistle

Ya ya. We’ve heard that before & it’s sounding like a broken record. Arsenal ain’t going nowhere with the current squad. I know this will irk many fans but this year there will be no St. Totteringham day

Wacha namimi nicheke … hahaha he

Arsenal are the title favorites and this is why… Chelsea the defending champions, have not won a match in 90 minutes in their new kit but no one bats an eye, MUFC with all their additions are outplayed and win by an OG and everyone is calm, Arsenal who have had a brilliant run loose just one match and everyone loses their minds but is fain isssokay we will be back

Mertesucker* atembeze kiatu. Hua hasaidii na hio ‘height yake’. No goals no clearances from dangerous long balls. Afuatwe na Giroud. We need Benzema kwa squadi. Alexis must start the next game.
Wenger must then buy a CB and a CDM. Alafu warudi training ground.

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Rooney was in a shooting position and would have calmly slotted it in if that idiot Walker hadn’t stuck his foot infront and denied him the first goal of the season.

Nakubalina na wewe Per atembeze God knows how I hate that man… Gabriel atamreplace kwanza I don’t why Wenger doesn’t play him that guy had one of the best interception rates in La Liga (I think second) alafu he can jump c kama Per anawachia headers zote kwa Bossclieny adi Boss anahema haraka… But Giroud abaki, simply for his height and ‘strenght’ long balls zote za ja goal yeye ndo uwin, Benzema akuje then they partner

Bookmakers think otherwise. arsenal will not beat crystal palace next weekend.

That was possibility but haikufanyika… same thing I could say that Arsenal could have scored if the ref had not called the foul on a hammer player in the box… Possibilities x2

Palace tunaiosha mwosho mmoja… Kuteleza sio kuanguka

Benzema and Giroud cannot play in the same team imho. And that is why hatujasign Benz. Wenger can see it will be a problem. They are similar in more ways than just nationality. It’s just that Benz has that lethal finish that HFB lacks. Currently ata Walcott hapati games you can imagine if now Benz and Giroud are present. It’s not that I hate Giroud but if I had to choose between him and Walcott leaving for us to get a better striker, I’d choose Giroud leaving…

Biggest problem with Arsenal is Wenger. His tactics are outdated. Remember the days Fergie would always start Ji Sung Park against arsenal? Walcott has the best record against West Ham but alikula Bench. Starting 11 for arsenal is the same in all games. So predictable

when was the last time this fool scored a header? only thing he can do with his head is stick his tongue out after missing a glorious chance

Anyway, hayo sasa yameisha. We’ll discuss more football next weekend.

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own goal was some few ssn ago our no 2 goalscorer as for who won & lost ssn ingali mbichi but cska london won’t have it easy this time

The hurt is real. [ATTACH=full]11641[/ATTACH]