We won the community shield and it got to our head. On the flipside Gor Mahia imepiga KCB 6-1. Thats my consolation.

Cech alituwaste sana especially for the second goal. We lacked penetration in the second half and Ozil and Cazorla did not play well in this match. Wenger angeleta Cazorla katikati atoe Ozil then aweke Sanchez on the left wing. Also, Gunners lacked pace going forward and this made it easy for West Ham to regroup and pack the bus. Hii game tungekuwa na Bellerin tungepata more scoring opportunities in the second half.

Ha. Of course the fans know it all.

Hehe, hio mbica ya Wenga akilia na kubembelezwa irudiwe hapa page 3

Iyo mbisha c ya game ya leo but I get it… Lakini Ox ni mdeadly!!!

not number 4 contenders…

the thing i love about my wife most is that she is an arsenal fan.
there is no amount bullshit she cant take and rationalize it.
watu mametandikwa proper no consolation.

we nyama ya mbwa ni mchawi bandia.

Weekend yangu iliisha vibaya sana juu ya hii game.


almost bit on my bacon in this game. issorait