I think HELL BOY is going to be the first flop of 2019 simply because of the following reasons

  1. Creative freedom frustrations Neil Marshall is a great Director, and his past works namely Dog Soldiers and The Descent were nothing short of brilliant pieces of Horror flicks In this piece of work though it felt like he got shut out. Some decisions were questionable and felt like alot of egos were interrupting the executionary stage
    There is something off about this one. We are used to Del Toro’s genius in HB 1 & 2.
  2. Hell boy was given to David Harbor who is a good pick but he felt too good. He was the only MOTM in this movie, very funny, loveable
  3. Pretty bad CGI
  4. Needless violence, It felt crap
  5. The Post Production Job was whack. This was one area I was pretty upset with. Like some VOs were way out of line and some soundtracks too.
  6. Lastly, what’s with that lady who pukes out demonic tentacles? That effect was weird. Why couldn’t they have her delink herself from those demons as she emits them from her self instead of having her look like some gooey weirdo who pukes chaos everytime her adrenaline spikes!

Next time have one Director or none at all. This Reboot was a MAJOR FLOP

And you think that an average movie lover will put all those into consideration??

all reboots are flops