First fap

I did it involuntarily while on bed before falling asleep and only clear transparent fluid came out. The feeling at the end of it was so strange that I told my best friend what I did and what happened. While I was pre puberty, he was already in puberty but couldnt believe there is anything like that.

:confused::confused: OOOk !! Where r all these fap stories coming from

when did you flick it first?

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That is disgusting :confused::confused::confused::confused: I think I can even give a man Pity sex to keep him from that


Where do I sign up for this pity sex? :stuck_out_tongue:


I wasnt a man. I was a 12 year old…But I really need the pity from you.


Well…I dint mean it like that …it was a form of expression :oops::oops:

Flick it…

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I hear that when a lady says she doesnt mean it on certain matters, she really does mean it.

ninjaz don’t miss a chance do they? :D:D:D i remember in fb when i was a freshman niliandika on sm post ati mie ni vajo…that comment got me 3 woiyee nsas. and yes, what’s with the fap tales???

@Purr_27 Do really think masturbation is disgusting? Or does the guilt of having done it want you to think that?

its the worst form of sex you can ever get usiwai kubali, mostly does that akuingishe box akutende

yeah… @Purr_27 should flick her bean in peace. Its no crime. Almost everyone does it at one time or another in their life

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Admin tunaomba fapping ipewe category yake amongst the other forums. wankers ni wengi hapa

Eeh, is there something you’d like to tell us, pal?:wink:


nataka kuona vile watu wanajideny. If you are pretending you never did it you probably are a victim now.


madem wakiisha duniani … i might consider it as an option

I think its not right …n why is this discussion turning to be about me