First Date Mistakes

Am seated somewhere waiting for my pals…then jst adjacent i noticed a guy who was alone after like 15 min …a chick came and apologised frm being late …the chick pretty nose stud …mini dress…tatoo on the back…and frm the conversation its the first date…

Mistakes we make as girls on dates

  1. talking of our pasts
    since there is no privacy where am seated…this is a date frm an online hook up and the girl is already describing guys who she met before…she had to dump coz they dint fit their profiles…two of her oals cheat…1 is a lesbian

I already knw …shes a single mum, the parents need a man who can provide ,she was spiked at a party once…etc
Girls tend to do this…

  1. chatter box
    Talking about "me me me "and nt letting the guy talk or even ask you about urself

  2. Marriage
    Talking about marriage… yawa.

5.Showing too much flesh :wink: n saying how many guaranas we can drink unless ni kutaka kufungwa

The salon opens early today…great weeknd everyone

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mbicha of your friends? :smiley:

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Wako parky wakifika …will request a pic

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We can understand ua gender…so endelea


Umewshi enda date? Tuanzie hapo


Using your phone na kupiga chakula picha kwani unapelekea kebs ya klist

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@Purr_27 niko red office might you be the one sitted across the table?? Just asking

My Ksh 0.2: She’s either got a personality that’s as deep as a teaspoon, ama she’s already determined that he’s waay out of her league. Either way, she sounds like she’d be a real sukari-nguru to the eye and would probably make a sensational DFHKMBLBH candidate but my buck would stop there… but hey, who am I to judge?

Social experiment time: hebu shine your honestestest smile at her tuone chenye atafanya :wink:

my current group of interns told me showing skin is marketing…just like putting a rainbow fly on the hook because the perch aint biting…


Women have tattoos all over, especially the age 21 kind that fit your age group. And they really mean nothing. It seems you havent seen too many naked ones. tattoos can never tell you whether someone is good or not. I dont know why women are tattooing themselves so much.

Ion. Enyewe I have to agree with @Purr_27 that I dont like to hear about all people that have shagged a girl. if they are so important that she got to tell me why doesnt she get into a time machine and go back to those times. For everyone, it really good to keep your mouth shut over your past and try to really forget it. Dont even tell you partner how he/she is much better that the previous one. It doesnt help, but it can destroy. Let your sexual past be as good as any guess.


somebody give this monk** a banana

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No offence, but inakaa wewe sio wa ile shule ya Skul of Hyena Krews. Kwangu a tattoo is appreciated as long as it’s artistic, ironic or symbolic… bora isiwe jina ya mtu coz that’s a sign that says ‘unfit for adult consumption’

Haha even church girls need lovin’ wee @Fala 12 achana na our resident virgin @ol monk

:D:DIs he being given a banana coz hes a monkey or is he meant to shove it somewhere?:confused::eek:

Tattos are not bad as long as they are not excessful

Admin usinichuje juu ya kuuliza swali ya for example
[ATTACH=full]8579[/ATTACH] ,

@john_doe hii inaweza itwa ‘excessful’?

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Monkey what’s your beef with tattoos…
What’s does a tattoo got to say bout ma personality?

it means successfully in excess:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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Nope was at Westy…:slight_smile: