First car?!!! URGENT!!

How is mazda demio 04-08 for a first car, locally used, the downside or advantages, fuel consumption, spare availability? I need reviews, asanta

I once drove my sister’s dudu a nissan March for an entire weekend. I guess it is not that different from this one. The fuel economy is out of this world like 21km/l. Otherwise, it is a very basic car that will earn you some weird looks from the carwash guys to petrol station attendants. Go for it but upgrade as soon as you sort yourself out financially. I wouldn’t advice buying a locally used dudu. More trouble than its worth because you might spend 50% of the cost in repairs and insurance. A new one will set you back like half a mil or so but without the problems. You dont want to be a mechanic’s best friend with your first car, trust me.

Why do you say locally used are troublesome?

The logic is simple. A new dudu is cheap 550k. Why bother buying a locally used one when the discount you will get will be below 200k?? When you buy a locally used dudu, chances are you will spend almost that entire discount you got doing repairs, but you will still have an old car. Buying locally used cars only makes sense for expensive vehicles where the cost of repair cannot surpass the cost of buying a new vehicle e.g a new premio costs like 1.3-1.4 mil but a locally used one costs around 800k. That 500k discount is worthwhile. For the dudus vitz, march, demio etc, the discount you get buying a locally used vehicle will go to the mechanic and insurance, but you will still have an old car. Endea dudu Mombasa. They are cheap over there.

How much do you mean by 50%

Hujui the drivers. Once rented out my Merc. C200 and by some weird coincidence I happened to be driving my sister’s car behind my Merc. on some rough road. I was so pissed the Asshole was zooming on the rocks like anajua bei ya suspension ya Merc.
POINT IS local drivers (apart from me) are Bad news…

Also how much is the likely comprehensive insurance cost for it annually?

Renting out personal cars is calling for a disaster. my boy here did it and stories were endless on different occasions, from the car having stains having transported farm produce, to crazy accidents, to cannibalized parts, to breakdowns, to having the car returned to him by hessy.

What I am telling you is that you wont be saving any money by buying a locally used dudu.

How much is comprehensive insurance for such a car annually

4% of the value of the car at that given time

From my little thinking, i thought new and old cars are all subject to insurance and that insurance is not static but dependent on the value of the car.

Endea daihatsu terrios hio kitu ni mini SUV iko swafi.

Why do some people prefer these hatchbacks to saloons?

Age of the car matters alot. That is the catch with locally used vehicles. He will likely pay more.

Why the hell do you hire out a private car! I’m very mean with my ka ex Japanese I only give it to very few trusted friends and not often. As for the Mazda I think the parts may be a headache.

I cosine on this. DAIHATSU no mnyama poa for a kadudu

Are parts hard to get?

Are you still renting out your Mercs? I would like to test the limits of a C class Merc before I try buying one. I want to see how big a bump I can hit without losing control, how rough a terrain I can tackle without getting into serious road clearance problems eg getting stuck on rocks. Also to see how well it can handle hard braking while cornering. I also want to see how long it can sustain rough driving without developing squeaks. If you are interested, PM me. I will be willing to hire your car as early as tomorrow morning.

Mbona unataka kuharibu merc ya wenyewe? ]