First car in Kenya: Austin A30

Gerald Gikonyo Kanyuira was the first man in Kenya to buy a car. Together with his friend , whose name has not been recorded anywhere, the two contributed each 150 ksh to buy a sh300 Austin A30 which made them join a class of the wealthy.
He also owns SJ

weka mbisha ya gari

Does it mean that her majesty’s servants did not have cars? Should have said that he was the first Kenyan to buy a car?


So this guy is older than chief waruhiu who was shot in his car??? Am impressed by this SJ owner.

The Austin A30 is a small family car produced byAustin from May 1952 to September 1956. It was launched at the 1951 Earls Court Motor Show as the “New Austin Seven” and was Austin’scompetitor with the Morris Minor.

Austin A30 - Wikipedia

In 1952 there were already thousands of vehicles in Kenya. Fanyanga uchunguzi Bwana.


The oldest profession… What explanation do they give when they say hoe business is the oldest profession?

He just lifted the story from Mharo.

I am also surprised because by 1944/45 there was a Kikuyu lady who bought a car…she was a trader

Not forgetting the numerous Kenyans who were abroad by the 1920s and 30s. They must have owned jalopies of sorts. By the 1940s some okuyu businessmen even had a lorry (ies).

If muguku was already ferrying eggs to state house from Sigona in the 1950s alikuwa anabebwa na nani ama anabebewa mayai na nani juu sio mzungu?!