Firefox OS smartphones

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[ATTACH=full]5161[/ATTACH] These gadgets are going to be cheap, starting as low as $25. They are already shipping in Africa. Zitatrend kama Huawei Ideos venye ilivuma.

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Zitafika lini?

Huku sijui zitafika lini. They’re are already in Madagascar, South Africa, Senegal. In Kenya lazima zitafika tu.

Then they will be over priced just like everything else…

haikai mbaya…

And TVs too are now using modified smartphone OSs. Panasonic smart TVs will be using Firefox os, Sony and Sharp Android os, LG Web os, Samsung TVs Tizen os. The interfaces will be less laggy and operation will be more intuitive. Your taste will of course dictate the TV of your choice. I’m a Sony fan. Check youtube for videos.