Fire TV Stick

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is an HDMI dongle version of the Fire TV set-top media streaming box. It’s a very similar product to the Google Chromecast and Roku Streaming Stick.The Fire TV Stick plugs directly into your TV (or a monitor with an HDMI port) and connects to your router so you can stream content over the internet. It comes with services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Spotify and Plex. Unlike the Chromecast, the Fire TV Stick comes with a physical remote control but can also be controlled via an Android app.[ATTACH=full]9288[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]9289[/ATTACH]

mbesha ngafi?

$35 amazon

kuna any subscriptions to get to the channels

According to the details, you have to subscribe to e.g netflix. The stick just gives you a medium to access netflix. I don’t know whether there are limitations in kenya

Na usisahau bundles.


To the next question, are there free to air ama channels mwitu kwa net

From what I have read no but maybe @Luther12 can expound

Remember, video streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc are not free and will not work in Kenya even after you subscribe unless you buy VPN or DNS cheating services from 3rd party providers. That is, over and above the cost of buying the streaming services.


Android’s Mobdro app has CNN, all BBCs and Skysports (1-5), All Disneys, CN, NatGeos, SonyMax, Discovery, AnimalPlanet, History, Mtvs. TraceUrban na CI ndio zinamiss.


wow. is it on play store

Nop. Download it from website. Stream on your phone also!

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Thanks a lot i am downloading it

Watching CNN

mobdro inakuanga BA sana


Hehehehehe…means Ok, juu…

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bad ass?

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