Fire to Hire

Next year they plan to fire 70,000 civil servants so that they can afford to hire 70 MPs. BBI wisdom!

(Mwalim E. Njega)

Soon as this BBI bullshit started, I told people in the office that this gonna happen but everyone thought i am either a scare monger or a scared mongrel

Irony of all ironies is that they were coerced to append their signatures!
This can’t happen though

It will be worse than that of 1990’s, the less than 5 tools available to the central bank to stabilise our economy are useless now. they can only kill the economy.

With or without BBI economy already tanked. Yesterday uhuru was sounding like the 1990s moi…issuing empty threats to the western donors…its already in icu…let them kill it already!

Tutaumia manze

You need to get a stall in estleigh asap.
No wonder the mushrooming of small businesses from covid termination victims. With our lack of imagination hawa 70000 wakiongezwa watu watauzia Nani vitu?

It’s good to happen to civil servants,those guys do literally nothing in those offices

cheza chini banae :smiley:

Wivu haikusaidii

Kwanza wewe usiwahi sema uko na shida,nitachinja nguruwe na ikule pekee yangu

Takataka homosexual wacha wivu. Pambana na datasets like the slave you are

Sijibizanagi na watu wa ku hang koti kwa ofisi chair na kusoma newspaper wakikunywa chai throughout the day

Awesome, next time they vote with brains!! Inclusivity in BBI, meant hata kuwa jobless we need more Kenyans joining there