Fire near Central police station

Soon it will be the fire station itself on fire.

HAPO kwa camera …iko shida!

Nokia iko blurred aje

Nimeona ni moto crias.lakini makarao huishi vibaya godoro ni thickness ya bahasha

It has burned before if you weren’t aware.

As it was starting, a few explosions could be heard. These cops might have kept petrol in mitungis in the small tu houses.

Hehe the irony…I wonder, were they able to put out the fire fast ama they didn’t have water?

Ama exhibits SIZE=1[/SIZE]


Small munitions in their houses maybe? Pia wanapenda kupika na electric coils. Wont be surprised if someone left theirs on

hehehe, the quantity of Irony in this statement is colossal.

Did anyone forget these instructions?