Finland Schools

Kenya children are in school by 7 and don’t leave until 4pm. That’s 9 hours and that’s just day schools. In boarding schools they have even longer hours. Pure torture

err ama tuache tu

“Kijana, fungua mahali uliandika notes!”
That was a horror movie on its own :oops:
8-4-4 is kenya’s largest sh*hole…largest

Although its great what they have done, its not a good idea to compare education system of a population of 5 million vs 300 million. You will have a lot of problems making even minor adjustments in a 300m population.

Muh 300 million:D:D:D
When was the last time an “American” team won a mathematical olympiad?

An American team invented the cure for Ebola to rescue our brothers, What have the Finnish invented??
And by the way I think their (Finnish) education system is superb.

The servers that host ktalk run on a finnish invented system.
China has a better education system than America despite having 1.4 billion people. That’s why I made that comment.
China has been fuking you at Math Olympiad since the 90’s!

Not sure why you are bringing China in this discussion. At least as you point out :rolleyes::rolleyes:, the Fins have an invention. Hao Chinese even a cure for kahoma hawana. Ata kahoma. Even Kenya we had Kemron bana.

Remedial and tution hujahesabu

These Scandinavians are just in a world of their own, their societies have gotten to a point of excellence - they seem to have gotten the whole concept of humanity, sisi wengine we are still evolving through the stages of greed, individualism, pettiness and fetish for seeing others in our society suffering. How a president driving in an entourage of cars worth millions can even have the audacity to stop in slum area and address them is a concept I am sure those Nordic guys never understand, its just stupid.

They got one thing very right, they have a highly educated/literate society. Education is not wisdom but it seems to enable deep coodination in society.

Aya hiyo China. It is probably not a coincidence that they can move as they are just because of the brains they are putting in power.


  1. World’s first robot doctor

  2. Passenger drones

  3. Cloning.

Wacha niachie hapo because the list is endless. Your point ilichapwa 10-nil na @BaldCoomer .

true I think literacy ni muhimu, but not just an education what we have here is garbage to say the least, why a form 4 graduate living in a slum can go on and start cheering a man who is talking to him from a 20m+ car is absurd, we dont question the basic stuff, like why dont we have sewer lines, why is it a farmer in gatundu can not access the market when it rains, why is it that I dont have pipped water to my house - these are basic things that dont cost much, but our education system does not teach us to have basic forms of reasoning - basic logic has evaded us as a society.

I still never understand how a leader / president with his entourage made up of top of the range cars can even have the guts to stop in a slum and address people it just does not make sense, those people just cant add up 1 and 1, they have zero basic reasoning, ther is no way someone can land in a chopper to go address people in a school without windows, or with mud walls falling apart, those people are just not normal, its a mental problem, not and intelligence one, a deep mental problem.

wacha niwache makasiriko, some things make me mad.


Wapi cure ya Covid bana itusaidie?

:D:D If you’re a failure today don’t blame the education system.

Its not blaming the education system. It is about the access to education. In scandinavia masomo hadi masters ni free. Imagine kama kenya masomo hadi masters was free. Hapa pesa ya masomo afadhali mtu aikule!