Finishing big baby Trump is off the table


Sokwe, heshimu uncle Trump na si tafadhali

Niaje wamitura. Naona uko ngangari.

Waruchieth niaje

Nipigie pass ya @neffertiti.

Sheji wewe, unataka kukamua my bae? chukua capote

Capote Zi huyo nimewachia @sludgist na @Sokwe mtu waendee threesome. Hako kamama ni kama kutomba ibilisi.

Enough said.

What happened on Capitol Hill is a just a red herring. Though it is the-tip-of-the-iceberg sign of the frustration of the unheard, the real danger lies with silent majority sulking out of sight of the cameras. I looked at the fake news opinion polls that seriously suppressed the voices of Trumpists. Trump has been a subject of character assasination for four years. Unrellenting. Constant. And that same treatment meted out to his supporters. Killing off Trump from social media is just trying to muzzle free speech. Trump is actually not a person. It is an idea. Suppressing it means killing a very large proportion of American populace. Those who manufactured mail votes from illegals and from thin air will be at loss when the push comes to shove. Mail votes from thin air cannot push or shove. Mimi sijui vile Biden atafanya, but he needs to take very carefully calculated moves when dealing with disenfranchised republicans.

umenitusi kijana

LMAO, the silent majority that lost the house, lost the presidency and then lost the senate? GTFO son :smiley:

Wamituri kwani dry spell months zilikatika?

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ii @thesavage ni meffi ya bata

:smiley: Hizo kura hazikupigwa. Zilihesabiwa.


The demographic changes happening in the U.S mean that democratic leaning voters will be more for the coming years. If you look at the instances when a president was elected only due to electoral college and not the popular vote, it has favoured Republicans. Democrats have always raked in more votes even when they lost the electoral college. Very few millennials subscribe to Republican ideals and policies.