Finding angel investors for a startup idea still in development. Please advise.

It’s about voice activated smart home devices that works offline by using artificial intelligence in microcontrollers. Prototypes underway. How do I attract angel investors in Kenya?

Birrionaires wa hapa lazima watakuchunisha sukuma

Many kenyans ni mdomo tu years back had an idea for a site approched so called investors they saw potential and agreed on folking the out the cash na mimi ni sweat equity did the prototype time ya pesa ni excues nilikuwa na kunywa kwa high end bars nao wakinipa lip service end of the day I’m crossing town kwa baridi niki chokozwa na malaya waki panda ma guzzler !

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We don’t find startups, we use that money to buy idle plots

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I am getting very afraid… Though, know anyone who had success in that journey??

Haha… I still have to look though.

How nah? What have you seen?

The best thing to do is: Execute the idea into a fully working and money generating idea for a span of 6 or so months. Then ingia kwa sites kama angelinvestors eyc pitch your idea uko na proof of income.

Yeah… Definitely. But it’ll take me too long relying on bootstrapping since I am almost hitting the negative scale of money right now

Same case getting investors without proof of money or sales generating idea will take you too long, actually ages. Tech us evolving

How about trying to get public attention through media… Think that will work? Like getting a TV station to feature your idea?

Make a working device. Get into symposiums to display it. This is probably the cheapest way for mass advertising. Your best early investors are your family and friends. Form a LLC and borrow from them in exchange for a share of equity. It adds credibility to your venture. The more product you will sell, the easier it will be to attract capital.

Please tell me about the symposiums and how to get into them…

These symposiums are the trade exhibitions you see. You probably need to search on line for one coming to town and you can call to rent a stall.

Idea ni idea no investor in this century is willing to invest in just an idea. Implement it first with whatever small you have. Every Kenyan has an idea out here. Ever heard of KCB LION’S DEN? Go to YouTube and watch it.

Voice-activated smart home devices using AI in microcontrollers definitely sound pretty innovative. To attract angel investors in Kenya, I’d suggest networking within local startup communities, attending pitch events, and leveraging social media platforms to showcase your prototypes and vision.Also, before diving into fundraising, it might be beneficial to conduct a pre-study on data analytics needs to ensure you’re aligning your product with market demands. I recently came across some useful insights on this topic at https://www.scandicfusion.cоm/services/pre-study-of-data-analytics. Might be worth exploring.

You sound like na LLM

Explain to a layman what is it that you are doing and what problem are you solving?

Yeah… Since we moved over there are a lot of such posting generic content…

There’s a reason he’s looking for an angel investor. ANGEL is the key word.