In a recent survey by Washington Post,50% of American families stated they could not afford a $400 emergency. $400 yaani Kshs.40,000/-.
An American will typically earn 6 times the wage of an African i.e. $50,000 if an American cannot afford a $400 emergency fund then what about a typical Kenyan.

So how much do you have saved up?

About 300 or so. In case I want a soda with my lunch or when that girl in my van asks me to pay her for the dare she saved me from today.

If you need real life evidence then look no further than @Purple

Azin $300 or 300 bob?

300 bob.

Savings ni kitu muhimu sana in case of emergencies.

Only about 10% of Kenyans save money. The poor have nothing to save. The middle class has too many bills to pay. This 10% is mostly comprising of rich businessmen.

Don’t forget that while you’re saving, your life is passing you by.
Whoever dies with the biggest bank account loses

This question should be answered by someone working in a bank.

Consumerism inamaliza society,wee unataka kitu saa hii afadhali uchukue loan rather than savings for it ati ndio “usichekelewe/kuachwa nyuma” talk about peer pressure in “grown up” adults