Financial advice- net 92k per month

[FONT=Courier New]I’m here to ask for advice, money making advice, how to grow wealth, the simple tips and tricks to survive on the little cash I get . I have been working for sometime now, schooled myself , supporting my family(not married yet) and now trying to do bigger things in life, am not happy at where i’m but am grateful and know that i can do better, so, Talkers, what kind of advice be it in investment should i consider ? i want to diversify sources of income and hence be more secure… be free to take any dimension. Lets keep it going.[/FONT]

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what are your savings…after deducting all the monthly expenses??

My monthly savings are 50k.

House: 14k, Food & Travel House Supplies, Electricity, Airtime & Data : 16-20k, family 5-7k,

You can’t go wrong with real estate

You got financial discipline.

Am also following…I though you worked in Uganda or something?

my advice is this;

  1. Commit 40k to a sacco or bank and get a loan of about 2.5m.
  2. Get towards Kangundo road
  3. at Kantafu or Komaa, drive interior kitu 3-5 km.
  4. Source and buy 3 acres of land WITH GENUINE Title for roughly 2.4m
  5. Get the title.
  6. Apply to subdivide the land into 1/8 acre plots and GET Their individual titles.
  7. Contract a know land seller in the area.(akina soil merchants ltd etc) to sell the plots at 0.5m each
  8. With 24 plots at your disposal you get a cool 12m.
  9. Pay the land broker his commissions (may be 1.5m)
  10. You will have made a cool 10M within kindu 1-2 years.
  11. Repay your loan in full from this amount.(which in this case you will pay less interest thus total repayment will be around 3.0m)
  12. Save the balance in the bank (approx 7m).
  13. This time without taking a loan, buy land in more prime areas. Buy just 1 acre for 4M
  14. Re-sell the 8 plots at 1.2-2m…endelea to an even more prime area. (mpaka ufike upperhill and by then utakuwa kaa Kirubi:D)

Meanwhile, do not quit your job, as you day dream about this…


I do but am paid from Kenya. Those numbers for expenses are converted to Ksh.

You aint got no entertainment expenses,?halafu Electricity,airtime&data 16-20k?kwani unafanya online jobs ama ni kusurf na kudownload porn?



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Food & Travel House Supplies, Electricity, Airtime & Data : 16-20k


Good idea, Noted.

Its good you thought about this early, It is sad when a grown arse man loses his job and is forced to go back to gichagi and live with his mum from being a “baller” (whatever that means) in their small house because hana any other way out. Just witnessed that with a former engineer @Keroche breweries, ukifika hapo ndio utajua 20k ni pesa mingi sana na inaweza kufanyia vitu mob sana. anyway sina any ideas but hiyo ya mwana stima sounds good

take a trip to your local youth polytechnic and learn to weld and general metal work. find a lot on kangundo road and start making window frames, doors and gates for all those people developing homes there…

…ama ukuje tuuze FTA decoders. A 250K capital will earn you over 380K within a month (if you are agressive, that is)

Get rich quick schemes zimechoma wengi. Nunua udongo kila mahali na uweke fence juu Chinese are coming

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What of a person earning a net of 43k per month. Financial advice pls. Am a teacher and this all tsc offers me.

siku hizi fence haitoshi. itabidi ujenge ata kama ni ka room ka watctie ionekane inatumika


Weka budget tuone vile utasaidika.

Have you checked real estate in Uganda and then apply @electronics
At least create an emergency fund for a rainy day.