Finaly in Kisumu Dredging Vessel

A 70-metre dredging vessel has arrived in Kisumu to begin work in removing the water hyacinth. The ship has been procured by Lake Region Economic Bloc, National Government, Kisumu County Government in partnership with Uganda based Mango Tree Group. This is HUGE!

Is it going to harvest hyacinth or deepen the approaches to the pier?

chieth on’ger, be positive n constructive for once

Nonsense! I asked for clarification so that we all be enlightened na wewe unanirukia brary cassowary! Angalia diksonary wako kama dredging si kutowa michanga huko chini wa maji.

Long overdue. They most be alot of optimism in the lake region.

He has a valid question btw… If you can google dredging

hapa ndo sipendi " deepen the approaches to the pier?" which pier, to me pier ni matako au mkundu lakini nimeona omwami, cheza ndogo


:D:D:D:D:D eish!!

Ah, okay. Nimekuelewa sasa. Mos.:D:D:D:D:D

What happended to the “Beetle Project” ya Dr. Njoka ?

That beetle which eats up the Hyacinth.

Dr. Njoka’s research under L.V.E.M.P was revolutionary hadi akapewa cheo kwa FAO in Addis Ababa.

Umekumbuka mbali sana. I last met him in Embu na hakutaka nimuulize hizo stories,

Their is also a world bank funded Hyacinth shredder that was procured in 2000. Its has been parked at KR dock in Kisumu since.


Halafu wakimaliza, waite huyu jamaa


Wastage of resources. There is a dredger thats been lying idle in Kisumu. Why not rehabilitate that one? Already 4 billion has been sunk into this hyacinth biashara. Someone makes serious donor money and GOK funds in the name of fighting hyacinth!!!

They started migrating to nearby farms and wreaked havoc on crops, they had to stop populating them into the lake.


Mayo mayo mayooooo

The dredger cannot remove hyacinth. The dredger will deepen the port which means lots of big things will happen in Kisumu.

The water hyacinth will be removed with several types of equipment. Boats, a harvester, a backhoe, people and chemicals which will target where the weed grows.