Finally, Someone Has Explained To Us Slow Mofos What Gambino's Video Means

Si niliwaambia wachanganuzi watatuelezea kwa kina? Childish Gambino himself has not confirmed any of it, but it hasn’t stopped busybodies from making all manner of interpretations. Let’s watch it together, so that we can sound intelligent when someone asks us “na hii video ya huyu mujamaa anaitwa Gambinooooooo, inamaanisha nini?”

Very childish indeed:D

The first time i watch this video i knew it would go viral it only had 40k views kuamuka the next day it was 60m .

Its a stupid video, childish was high as a kite and decided to act his age.

Wajuaji wanaongeza “meanings” pale YouTube comments section :D:D

Those vehicles at the end are old, but they are not all American. I feel they could symbolize something else added to progression, like poverty and lack of education.

Surprised that I haven’t seen the “money” “black man” overlap. Usually the “Black Man” shouts are inbetween-"Get your money! (Black man!)Get your money! (Black man!)"But in the second verse the “Black man” shout overlaps, making it sound like “Get your Black man!”. A nod to slavery

The run at the end is very reminiscent of Get Out. And it seems like the dancers around him are only upset when he’s holding an imaginary gun, never the real ones.

Yeah that, This a celly, that’s a tool line is a triple entendre for me. Police always get things mixed up. This a celly, that’s a tool. Tool is another word for a gun. Police get cell phones mixed up with guns all the time.

The cars are referencing the Rodney King/LA riots. The cars are from that time period, as well as the cop car with its lights on

When he said don’t catch you slipping now it’s referencing to a slave not working also he said look what I’m whipping now he was talking about whipping a slave

I think the gun part is showing how guns are mostly blamed for the situation, and they “drag” the shooter out of the situation by using an excuse like mental illness, and both shooting scenes possibly reference a white person, “Jim Crow & the Church Shooting”. The US continues to blame gun laws or mental illness, and not the person doing the shooting

When he says, ”This a celly, that’s a tool”, I think he’s referring to Stephen Clark, who was a black man gunned down by police because they mistook his phone for a gun. He’s telling you the difference

Could it be about how black crime is too high? Ohh no, that’s ““racist”” it will never be that

The hidden message with the cars at the end is that, Toyotas are chick magnets

From 2:44 to 3:01 in the actual music video the music stops for 17 seconds for the 17 kids a Stoneman Douglas


:D:D:D this guy may be a die hard fan of tupac is somewhere hunting rats in Congo to avoid illuminati persecutions kinda shit.

You’re on a roll today with your bashing of “the oppressed and their constant whining” :D:D
But you’re right, matters race can be complicated. The same person who treated you with decency might go online today and post very racist comments, in which case is s/he really racist? I watched a video on YouTube addressing racism in Tunisia. There was some “white” lady (I don’t know why the narrator kept referring to them as white, while they’re Arabs. Alafu they’re not even “pure Arabs”, I gather those north african arabs are Bedouins, who are a shade darker than the ME Arabs) who was married to an African, and she’d been excommunicated by her family. The amazing thing is I couldn’t tell any noticeable difference between this “white” woman and her “African” husband. She was somewhat darker than your average Arab, and he was waaay lighter than your average African. So I didn’t get what the big deal was, but it was a very big deal. Their marriage was so controversial that the local authorities passed a decree requiring “Arab” children to use separate school buses from their African counterparts, to prevent future inter-marriages. It was quite fucked up.

It’s one of his last songs, so he definitely had to give it his best shot.
The artistry is very impressive. The satire and symbolism are peak.
Compare it the products of our top musicians, and you’ll realize our singers are just artists by name.

Wazungu hawaoneshangi ubaya wao. Holding the door doesn’t mean shit. Racism yao huwa chini ya maji. Read about a city in California where they wouldn’t allow black people to rent or own homes into the late 90s. Na huko ndio wanasema kuna liberals. Makes you wonder what goes on in the dirty south.