Finally nimepatikana

So finally the inevitable happened. After the fight in the office the other day and having sorted out my workmate, I get called to the HR office this morning. So I go there prepared for any eventuality as the case was still under internal investigation. I get into the office and after some fake pleasantries the kaMmeru starts with the “you have been one of our hardworking employee” bullcrap and I knew this meeting wont have a happy ending.

So he goes like “its been a pleasure working with you and we as a company wish you a better future. Pass by the finance office and clear with them.” I felt like giving him a share of the doze but I remembered the saying, never to burn the bridge. In short I have been fired.

Now heading to my other friendly Vaite kupata sharba zangu mbili hivi to calm my nerves while planing my next move. Watu wa matusi just know hamnisaidi …

Sasa juu uko jobless tufanye nini?

pole bro. the future is always bright. I have been fired, resigned, contract ends no renewal but still kicking the market is big you got your skills and cv or think self employment. can’t keep a top dog down


Pole boss. Life goes on. Look for another job and learn how to manage your anger.

Hasira hasara sasa ule mwanamke alifanya upigane ako wapi

@Wakanyama ako
na vacancy kwa ile mjengo ya hacienda tafuta yeye

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Pole bro, look on the brighter side.

Sorry bro. But that’s life for you. Keep moving, after all, tomorrow will be a new day with countless new possibilities and opportunities


@admin pea huyu jamaa kazi ya moderator atleast flow ya unga iendelee

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hata ya kuchunga ngombe iko

@Twangapepeta They fired you but they didn’t take you intellectual property…Relax, this is your springboard to bigger better things.


Pole sana bro

I also underwent the same predicament sometimes back and I was very bitter with life.

Looking back now I realised how much progress I have made in private sector which am pretty sure I would not have attained if I was still employed.

Be positive and relax things are gonna work out.

Who knows maybe one of the villagers here might hook you up a job.


Mimi sitakwambia pole. Ulijifuta saa ile uliacha that malaya that is your cousin akontrol ya life. Halafu you ain’t the first nor the last to be chopped. Ishamwaika…hayazoleki. Piga moyo konde.
Moving on,think of the firing as an opportunity to step up ya game n do great things. Take the free time that has now been forced unto you as time to reflect n plan going forward. I believe there is something you have always wanted to do. Now is the time to look that way.
Good luck bro.

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There is no company that can employ a fighter,so your options are limited.the only place that your primitive energy can be useful ni kwa mjengo


Things are probably going to work out…but you have to be professional whether as an employee or employer

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it happens

Change your handle. Seems kwako vita Ni uji. Tell your cousin you fought for her n should cater for your upkeep till you stabilize. Izza bro.


First of all @Web Dev @Davidee and @Wakanyama mafala nyinyi.

For the other talkers thanks for the encouragement. I might be temporarily down but security ninayo, I got to get myself up, accept and move on

It’s painful to lose a job like that coz of a whore cousin . But every cloud has a silver lining. I have walked out of four jobs in the past 3 years and am never worse for it and I really value the freedom I enjoy in my hustles.

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Hope by security humaanishi ngumi. Otherwise uta post threads ukiwa Kamiti.