Finally Malaria Vaccine that saves 4 out of 10 kids to be rolled out countrywide

[SIZE=6]Hope as new malaria vaccine set to be rolled out next year[/SIZE]
MONDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2017 20:38

Children under five years in Kenya will from next year receive the malaria vaccine said to reduce deaths from the disease by 40 per cent.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said the vaccine has the potential of saving four children’s lives out of 10 possible deaths caused by malaria.

“Kenya’s planning of the Malaria Vaccine Implementation Programme is on track with roll out of the vaccine set to begin in 2018. The vaccine could have a considerable impact on public health as it has been tested and proven to prevent severe malaria by more than 30 per cent in the targeted age group,” said WHO representative to Kenya, Dr Rudi Eggers.

“Global safety experts have made it clear that when four doses of this vaccine are provided, the benefits… considerably outweigh the risks.”

The vaccine will be given to children during maternal and child health clinics through a four-dose approach at ages of six months, seven months, nine months and 24 months, says WHO.

“As with any new vaccine or drug, parents and families may have questions about vaccine safety. We will work with the country and independent experts to monitor safety closely and respond to any concerns,” Dr Eggers said.

This comes as at least 30 people mostly adults below 40 years and four children have died of malaria in Marsabit and Baringo counties in the past week.

The Director of Medical Services Dr Jackson Kioko said, however that the said cases “have not reached the public health threshold for classification as an outbreak”.

Kenya was selected together with Ghana and Malawi by WHO as the first African countries to begin piloting the injectable malaria vaccine next year.

The vaccine has been developed by GlaxoSmithKline, a pharmaceutical company and the $49 million for the first phase of the pilot is being provided by the global vaccine alliance GAVI, UNITAID and Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Last year, malaria was dislodged by pneumonia as the country’s top killer disease but it still remains a stubborn disease to cure globally.

Data from the Economic Survey show that malaria killed 16,000 people in the country last year. Pneumonia killed 21,295 in the same period.

Wait. Developed by GSK? How, when I can remember that it’s Kenyan researchers who worked on it?

I don’t know myself if it the one or different. However I know there are many different trials here and globally. There is another trial on the same funded by Gates Foundation.

I hope the nurses will be back to work to administer it.

Be prepared for infants mortality just like the time of the pneumonia vaccine.

Lol don’t kid yourself. Kenyans can’t do sh!t but sit and wait for the western world to do all the dirty work. I highly doubt Kenyans were the brains behind it. If anything they just assisted in the process. It’s not our fault. It’s lack of resources. And we will also sit on our behinds as we wait for the western world to fight GSK and make it free for all just like ARVs. It’s the African way.

If you didn’t read about it when it was breaking news a few years back, please keep quiet?
Thank you.

Just did a quick Google search and not a single hit on a malaria vaccine being developed in Kenya. KEMRI was only involved in the clinical trials after GSK did the base work. You are a patriot but try to be realistic.

Yaay! So if it’s not indexed by Google it never happened! Wow. Because my grandfather’s name isn’t online, he never lived? Beautiful world we live in!

You said it was breaking news so… Anyway I know your ego won’t let you to kubali yaishe. I’ve put it to rest.

Despite all the consolation Africans like giving themselves, the fact remains that Africans do not have the brains, patience, discipline and focus to achieve extraordinary feats. Our attraction to scandals, shortcuts and narrow mindedness cannot allow. Take the case of South Africa. Niggars were left with a functioning society. 23 years on, with Africans in charge. Look where they are. Kenya is another instance. 2003 ushered in a rebirth. 2010 ushered in a progressive constitution. At present, we are on our way back to destination fucked as Ozzy man would review.
So for someone to insist that an African would sit to ponder his next move that would be beneficial to humanity is a pure lie. KEMRI itself stand accused of mismanaging funds intended for the clinical trials. How then do they take credit for the good outcome?