Finally Here are Airtel settings

Visit this link to get Airtel settings for Fi**h V*N (ka ulikuwa umeona my last thread then obviously unajua naogelea nn!!) this is thi link >>>>>>



kama ni wizi mimi sitaki…

hii sasa itakuwa blocked within the hour. ask people to inbox you and sambazia elders and seniors pekee

thank you

Hii si wizi jamaa

I am going to delete the settings in few minutes to come!!

haraka yako ndo bahati yako

after downloading…

Inbox me sizipati poa

Huyu jamaa ana point.

@Kibet Elvo i missed ur last post izi settings ni za modem ama phone? expound tafadhali.

just scroll down looking for the related thread…

ni zile za finch

now I understand by using this settings on UNLIMINET you can Prevent AIRTEL from trottling the data sent to and from your device. FULL 3G FOR 24HRS AT 50/=