Finally Closed My Yahoo Account

After 15 years of bloated homepage and lack of IMAP support for non-paying customers. When Yahoo admits that all emails were affected in the 2016 data breach… I think it’s time to leave.

Hackers had turned this account into a Viagra and Cialis pharmacy and what pisses me off is that they sent all that bs to my contacts as well. I was getting an average of 200 spam a day from emails that look similar to emails of my contacts e.g an email from [email protected] when the real email is [email protected].

And my preferences had favourite location in places I have never been.

Yeah… no. Just no.

Ulichelewa mujamaa.

Nimefika hatimaye.

after the news of their hack and the stupid way they responded, nilihama mbio sana, siku hizi niko Gmail na Outlook pekee, ooh na Proton mail for mischief

Viagra and Cialis pharmacy

I still got my yahoo. Acct so many places iko registered but for your case bado one step …kuna site @Deorro atakushow ya kupurge all shit linking to you and that account from the web

@Deorro What site is that?

i want a site that will purge everything i have ever posted

I cant leave i have money coming from it what do i do? stay and hope i don’t get hacked?

I think that site was if I remember correctly…

Still on the same Yahoo account 17 years and counting.

same here…:smiley: