Finally, a Mkalenjin with an akili...He doesn't tambua Liwe Liwalo & other Shenanigans

Meet Ezekiel Kiptarbei Serem, sensible mkalenjin who has seen the light and this is the reason why.

You’re welcomed to my sitcom
Ezekiel graduated with a bachelor of science in computer technology. Ezekiel thought his future was going to be bright after graduating. Getting a job, marrying a wife and maisha to go on smoothly. Or so he thought?

The smile tells u all but Ezekiel was into a surprise. Mseh alikula mawe that is he tarmacked. He tried betting ikachapa ukuta. He wanted to join his colleagues who were in the streeets selling their kiyambis as gay prostitutes but Ezekiel was not ready to be chunishwad sukuma. So he opted to be a boda boda rider


Which he is up to date. Ezekiel amesema enough is enough. Hataki kuskia kitu kama Ruto 2022 or Raila or whatever. All he wants is a change …a change thru a revolution. Kijana wanaumia sana huku nje as tyrants continue robbing the masses. From Raila, Uhuru and Ruto. It’s time kufungua macho

kusema an akili ni kukosa akili

Nikusema ako na akili…wewe nawewe.

We wish him all the best. Lakini asikae tu hapa Kenya na hii degree. Atafute visa aende Qatar ama Dubai. Atapata kibarua mzuri huko.

So which mkalenjin has akili… the one running for 2022 or the one running a boda boda?

Ati computer technology, enyewe our education is in the toilet. Sasa hiyo ni course ya aina gani? Was probably initially a diploma course in IT or smth then they give it a fancy name to accommodate people who can’t do comp science or IT.

amevaa chaget

I know people coding for KCB (on biiiig salos) with that. But ya JKUAT. Hii ya Meru uni unaeza pata hata Hallo world ni shida.
Anyway, about tribe and jobs, ni umeffi kubwa unless you arae close to the big fish.
in 2011/12 I attended interviews pale easa za kcaa and managed 3 rounds only kusikia saperes were not wanted coz kcaa had too many of them already. that was at the peak of the nusu mkate and some govt body had to peruse employee lists and say which tribe could join govt/parastatal etc etc. wasapere and wakale just join the opposition you will turn from the persecutor to oppressed overnight with opportunities to boot.

alafu jinga iniambie nichukue huduma namba chieth…
I hate the government and whatever shit they brew these days

you hold a degree in an it field na huwezi pata kazi? hata kama an online freelancer? then you gained no skills from that course… endesha boda boda bila kusumbua…

liwe liwalo

ha ha Comp Tech KCB i also know guys there from JKUAT,

Na ago na potapota na ni kratuati !

Na sinaona label ya jubilee kwa chaget

kuna pia education technology

Kenya is training people it has no industry for and is not willing to create any.
in its current drive, kenya should just train teachers to teach children to become teachers. just like good old days. we can all become teachers and government clerks.