Filisika ujue tabia ya Mkeo

I saw a thread about Luhya women and decided to share what hit me yesterday.

Is it about Luhya women or it’s about them in general??

Am married to an aMerucan.

Sometimes I usually ask myself what shithole I put myself in.
Lakini si ni life? Niliambiwa nioe from my ancestors nikajifanya mjanja eti ‘those r outdated beliefs’.
Now that am wiser (and kids later) ndio nimejua my folks were right all along.

Case in point: Jana all hell rose just because a lady (well, it’s an ex and khupipi knows) texted me and asked for Shs 500 eti she is sick.
Well,she deleted the text cz the phone was in her hands so I didn’t get to know about it till when we got to the house.
Wueh! Sema maneno.Sema matusi.

I exercised the utmost restraint cz aki Yao ningeng’oa mtu meno in the middle of the night ikuwe kesi.

Now, my pain is this. I have been practicing a mantra that I saw here on KTalk ya ‘filisika ujue tabia ya mkeo’ so nowadays I don’t use Mpesa as much,I use the ATM so she doesn’t know how I transact.

On Sunday akaitisha pesa ya Chama nikamwambia Sina, Niko she has been using money not so prudently n am of the opinion that she can save for the Chama (from the money I give her).
This week pia ninmekuwa nikicheza chini na pesa kidogo less than 500shs visible to her eyes at any one time.So she is certain that am broke.(I happened to have an amount of money a month ago, bought a bike for my business and ploughed the rest into other necessities licences n all).So after the balance ilikaa Kwa mPesa, nikaona afadhali niiweke Kwa NSE.This I did without her knowledge so I think she thought that pesa imeisha.

Fast forward to yester night, her words were like ‘Afadhali hivo pesa zimeisha Wacha nione Sasa hao wasichana watakuomba nini’.

The F??? Is it in the DNA of women to celebrate their Men’s predicaments? Cz honestly am now totally worried that should I get broke for real, would she respect me???
Cz I don’t think so.

Niliambiwa Every relationship has stages/phases, and marriage isn’t any different. There is the lovey dovey part. Then there is the honemoon part, then you get used to being with each other and get bored about it, then mnaanza kutafutiana makosa then inafika a point where not one wants to see the other. And by now love died a long time ago and You are only together coz of the kids.

What you are going through could be just one of those phases

:D:D:Dpick the cotton… Jipake lube and enjoy the whipping. Wacha coworker or some negro amuonyeshe a few coins utajua anajua bed gymnastics

Young man, why is your wife touching your phone in the first place?

You are not broke though. You are pretending to be broke.
Nishawahi piga hapa story ya an old acquaintance who got broke.
To cut the long story short, wife alibeba mtoto na kuhepa, jamaa committed suicide.

It’s women in general
Not a tribe thing
Kwanza it’s an ex
Why are you talking? Are you seeing each other secretly … Ata mnaweza rudiana … Can’t the ex ask from boyfriend/hobby? That 500 is money you can add to the monthly sum you give her … you may have sent despite struggling financially … that is her reasoning and any woman would be very mad

But there is a certain type of women who are in the crazy spectrum … this scenario is not enough to support that

respect requires love, money, power, and/or depedence

Pesa ikiisha to the extend of struggling to pay bills even after downgrading your lifestyle and you become a “burden”, bibi anaenda regardless of tribe
men should stand firm in matters of money and always ensure that you do is best for you and family in the near and distant future
Avoid pressure za kuupgrade car, life, expensive holidays, phones, houses, monthly budget beyond your means
Be moderate

Just imagine a life of not having to deal with all these crap. Bora SOFT MEAT akuje Friday anyonye mboro niskie poa .
Inaitwa AMG side of life

This is the source of all your problems.
Why would you let her go through your phone? If you go out looking for trouble, you will most likely find it.

Sad very sad

Ukichokora matako utapata mav*

Hiyo original thread iko wapi?

You should cultivate the ideology in all women in your life that going through your phone and attempting a coup Will be treated equally

The moment I start dating a lady, I make sure that they understand my phone is completely out of bounds. I am okay with a heartbreak, but my phone is out of bounds

Y’all telling bro that the source of his predicaments starts when his phone is in her hands…smh…

Hii stuff ni ya kuwa broke tu
Nevertheless tell your merian ninja “akunje ngùo éte kwao”

Yo phone is more private than her privates lol:D:D

Planteshen workers should know that being straight with your finances is the most important skill in that part of life…I as a senior member of planteshen abide by this rule to the latter…a lot of money to your spouse in the planteshen=to alot of happiness…wachana na story za ex kabisa pesa ni muhimu kwa mtu wako na hawezi taka kuona ni kama una waste…one of the many reasons I stopped drinking was coz of the influence of my wife and a reality check that money stays around longer when you are sober…so mpatie pesa wachana na story za filisika ujue bibi yako…mkipendana kumbuka the lovey dovey promises you gave her of giving her the world na story ya venye ana tumia pesa itawacha kuku washa…there is a lovey dovey movie about a couple who are about to get married called THE TEST i recommend you watch it…as I say planteshen=a lot of happiness and disease avoidance and more money in the worker’s pockets:cool::smiley:

Stupid ass neighas

Happiness comes from within. Hio yenye inadepend on external sources sio happiness; ni pleasure labda.

Oa bibi mwenye yuko na job, kila mtu ako na pesa yake. Of course wewe ndio tegemeo but isikue hata pesa ya chama anakusumbua

A woman using your phone, reading and deleting your messages shows a lack of respect for boundaries.