fight of pages of evidence at supreme court judges have work to do

NASA presented 25, 000 pages of evidence to supreme court, iebc have responded with 54,000 pages of counter evidence

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Moves and counter-moves :smiley:

Jubilee your move? 200,000 or more.

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alafu amicus curiae aingie na zake 500,000 pages…si hiyo bench itaona week mrefu.


@spear nipewe kazi ya kuprint Effidens ya Jubilee, hata kama ni hizo 500,000 pages

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Hakunanga kuweka summary ama?
Visiting a lawyers office and seeing all those books and files literally gives me a headache.

Huyu Amikas Kiarie alikuwa presidential candidate? Mbona sikumbuki nikimwona kwa ballot?

THE COURT DECISION DOES NOT MATTER. Elections Theft has to be sorted out politically