FIFA 18 vs. PES 18

I have played all two games and I came to some conclusions.

PES is better than FIFA in graphics, the players look real in PES.

PES has a better and lively gameplay than FIFA. All the action that takes place in PES seems to be like that happening in a real field.

FIFA beats PES in licensing and playgrounds. Clubs in FIFA have real names like Arsenal as compared to PES’ North London.

For me PES works better. Let’s give the credit where its due. FIFA beats PES because its more popular than PES kinda like the way PS4 beats Xbox coz of its popularity.

What do you think?

hapo kwa gameplay FIFA iko better,the players movements look and feel realistic

FIFA iko juu ya PES a million times but pahali main pes ilianguka mtihani ni kukosa rights ya kuita ma team na jina zao complete turn off

gameplay ya Fifa iko mbele… pes watu hukimbia kama cartoons

Bei ya fifa 18 siwezani. Labda next year.



FIFA anytime.shida ni my 9 yr old son beats everytime sisi hucheza.You can imagine the humiliation.

enyeww kenyan gamers are boring fifa and pes discussion in feb…nilipo try demo ya pes last year na nika score in 29secs nilijua hizi game ni cieth

plus sipendi kucheza against people cuz unamchapa mse anataka run back ya game…by the time akubali hawezani …high yako ishaisha…ama upate mse wa hard defence unashot ka 20+ na mko draw hadi pena like kila saa…fuck these games …this year hata sigusi…fighting games ziko mob … pea mse kichapo faster faster apatiane pad…ujinga ni mambo kama haya ati soul calibur iko ps4 wtf!

[ATTACH=full]159086[/ATTACH] ps4 ama switch …e3 itadecide(wakieka kratos kwa soul calibur -definite buy)

Tangu nifungwe na mtu ako uko mid a decade ago sijai gusa PES tena. FIFA milele

I have never understood how grown ass men will sit their ugly asses and play video games.
Someone help me understand.

I.Q yako iko down if you think video games ain a big deal…you want to down play the power of simulation softwares…unlike tv…gamers understand the importance of substance.Games have a lot of ticks to get to be considered good…Gamers are the biggest influencers of every other media even PORN …respect that shit nigga!!!

FUN AND INTELLIGENCE IN ONE PACKAGE…I play more games than watch shit these days…i rather talk the philosophy in Shadow of war to what a damn character did the latest episode on telly…plus skills…a challenge on your seat is worth wasting time on anything else during your leisure time

One word bollocks.
Let’s hope by the time you’re done with your games your IQ will match Einstein’s.
We played Nintendo as young boys.

Not bollocks nice try mate…but games influence everything…and you bring up nintendo and yet it is one of the most respected companies in the world in any aspect you wanna put it in…we make fun of it but on paper its practices stump every company…you don know what you talking about if you think a game is a simple code…every game is a thought process today…from writting to coding everything is put under a microscope and all has to be within a budget…fuck even cars are using to develop their products …last two e3’s had cars revealed for the first time to the world on their platform…so act ignorant and as usual showcase how dumb you are…and btw you know games ain made by kids it involves coders and artists combing their work…you are fucking stupid indeed


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You will never understand because your IQ is the same as that of a river road whore.

Kila mtu na starehe yake buda.

PES mtu hudownload mods za majina za team.

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