A mans fidelity depends to a large degree on the no. of available women,how true is this villagers?

the weight of the wallet determines the number of available women


A mans fidelity depends to a large degree on the no. of available women,how true is this villagers.
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Sounds like a journalist scouting for a story.



True…kila mwanaume huwa na ufisi ndani yake its just that some are good at surpressing it and others just let it loose.

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Kama unataka kumangana nje, achana na yule uko naye. Ni simple sana. Ama usioe/date.

Si unaona anaitwa scavenger?

Some are faithful due to lack of opportunity, and in most cases opportunities increase with a loaded wallet; so your man may be faithful cz he is unable to get a lodging or rent a house in some estate in eastlands to be his mancave

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nay, fishing for crazy monday…

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Then utaskia hekaya on the standard. According to an anonymous survey done by Kenyans online, We can categorically say…


Very true…those who are loaded swim in pussy

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I think its not true… There comes a time when a man becomes tired of chasing after girls and he wants to settle down with one woman. When this time comes his only priorities are on the welfare of his family irrespective of his huge back account or social status.

This wallet-and-women theory, what gives it credibility? Does a women smell or see a fat wallet and gravitate towards it at ferrari speed? Sometimes I deem it a stereotype.

At any given time and I have said this severally before , I get more pussy thrown my way than I can handle and mostly by well to do women. Evidence mkangoje kwa ODPP.

Nduki … fiu…@ Mathice … Fill in the blank with your user name. :D.

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Sounds nasty and inviting at the same time haha

I dont think they smell the money; the loaded guy will be more confident and this increases his success rate with womenfolk

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@SCAVENGER = @Chiefkiumbe

The fat wallet syndrome is true, the women nowadays want easy money and not work for it. So a loaded mujamaa flashes the cash and all them women are his for taking. Tafasali akina @Purr_27 kujeni huku mutueleze hii maneno

Pesa inaonekananga kwa mbali msee.