Watching “Half the Sky” and I can’t help but wonder how painful it must be for young girls (somali) to undergo FGM. Without any kind of medication have all of the private parts cut off then sewn with thorns. Where I come from girls have an option to go through with it or not but even so its not as severe. Its sad how culture at times degrades women.


I cant bear to watch such stuff

inaitwa kupunguzia madem nyege…its not the pain but what the lady becomes after… such a lady becomes very difficult to satisfy.

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veery true uncle

My sis worked at Garissa hosp n FGM causes so many complications especially during child birth

can we say it is done by jealous women who because they lost theirs they do not want others to enjoy?

alikuwa huko mwaka gani? i may have known her…

last yr … she was on internship

too young…thought it was nine/ten yrs ago…

I still can’t wrap my head around it, with bound legs they cut everything, the equivalent of chopping off a man’s manhood.

Wasn’t it traumatizing for her?

I doubt any mother having gone through it would want that for the daughter. They are just bound by culture.

Its disheartening . . bt its due to the culture

Who are the custodians of this obnoxious culture?:frowning:

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but si they leave the space…anyway, the worst is the sewing up…

They sew the parts together and leave a very small “hole” to pass urine and menses. On wedding nights if the husband can’t penetrate, a woman is called in to cut open the scar tissue to create space. . . . .its crazy!

Somali FGM is brutal.

I’ve seen the worst of it both in the field and at the hospitals from our days as college students. Childbirth is one huge challenge, to put it mildly.

Thing is, in communities that do it, all the circumcisers are women, unfortunately. Why do they perpetuate a retrogressive practice, knowing fully well the dangers it exposes their daughters to?

They call it infibulation.:frowning:

@Luther12 that one (infibulation) very bad:(

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