Fewer cars on the road (Nairobi) a sign of depressed economy

I know people have been complaining of crazy jam because of construction of the highway. But from my observation/thoughts it seems there is less jam on other roads as compared to before covid. I live on Kiambu road and morning rush hour jam used to start before Ridgeways, it now starts at past DCI. Is this a sign of depressed economy. Let me know your thoughts

Was coming from Tala jana and it’s usually jam packed on Sunday afternoons and it was a very leisurely drive ! hakuna magari !

mid month hata billionaires wamesota

Thousands of us are still working from home…also remember mid month traffic is usually low

Less vehicles on the road, lesser accidents, cleaner air, less noise.
I love it

Hapa A104 always iko packed weekends.

Depressed economy nilidhani ni

  1. kadogo economy e.g vitu kupimwa kobole kobole
  2. Basic social services out of reach for the masses…guys cant afford mosqito nets, school uniform text excercise books, kids going to school so they acces a meal etc
  3. Unemployment & underemployment
  4. Increased politician handouts
  5. Defaulted loans
    Yaani nyinyi mkiona ndai zimepungua kwa ubaro ndio mnajua situation ni wa gwan…kweli mnapesa ama hamtembei nchi yenu.

A lot of people are working from home

Rona haijaisha kwenyu ?

Hii watu hawaelewi the economics of scales kenyan version:D:D:D

You are 100% correct.Kiambu rd ata jam iko pia inasonga.

I think more pple are flying

Kwani wewe ndo unapeana vaccine shenzi

Covid has taught people that they do not need big office spaces to work. A lot of organizations especially NGOs have made telework a permanent feature complete with downscaling of office space and hot desking

Hii inakuwanga typical Nairobi occurence. Gari zitatolewa end month. Kumekauka gathee

Heshima si utumwa,

Kenyans reason backwards

those are the few who do yes