few photos that speak a million words

no1…Osama bin Laden in a judo class

no2…Albert Eistern and Charlie Chaplin

no.3 the last known photo of Titanic[ATTACH=full]1706[/ATTACH]

lets see how good you are with information

name the actual event of photo 1

name this person and her popularity in photo 2

photo 1


photo 2[ATTACH=full]1708[/ATTACH]

photo 1…11/9/2001 around 1030hrs…when George W. Bush was informed US is under attack.

President Bush had visited some school on 11th September 2001 and here he was being informed that USA was under attack…
I don’t know the big fat momo…


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no1 hakuna osama hapo that guy was 6f 4 " and a long face


do u still doubt

na huyo momo ni nani?

a ggod question to uwesmake na mundu mulosi


I doubt. Bridge ya nose inakuwanga the main identification feature. Na hiyo midomo sio yake

natafuta 1,ooo,000 words

This momo is known to have the biggest hips in the world.
No offence but huyu ukichapa lazima useme “open sesame”

Nafasi ya dereva ni ile ile hata kama hips ni 10GB.


hapo umenena ndugu:D:D:D

MBOMB amewasili … na usianze kuandika na makaa

@vuja de siwezi