Fertilizing the earth -African sex Rituals

I have just seen a video of these warriors who fertlize the earth…jameni where do some cultures come from, ama some old men just come up with some rituals and hammer them into young guys minds, that they actually believe and practice them them :confused::confused:

@oldmonk @Deorro …hpe this will not be too explicit


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What were you searching when you stumbled on this?

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Those are websites made with the sole aim of portraying the african as an animal and inferior. I have seen several such videos filled with racial hatred. The wording is clever and you might not realise what is happening.


Someone sent me the vid on whattsup.

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Kwani hizo mboro ni za chuma eish! I can imagine the horror when you get down to drill the earth you encounter a splinter of wood in the hole

there was a crazy only teacher in my high school who used to tell guys kama unataka kutomba toboa shimo kwa mattress, au chimba shimo, weka maji na kisha do the necessary

Am hiding my face for you dear!:eek::eek::eek::eek:where did that come from? But the bendover with the long dangling dick is a sight to behold!

I think this is the weirdist clip I ever watched…i had to look for it to see whether it is true

your taste in porn though… anyway kila mtu na fetish yake

Eeeeeeew what would turn on a person on from here :(:frowning:

hata crush wako @junkie huwatch shemale porn

He stopped watching midget porn?:eek:


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Some comments in the site.

hizo comments hapo juu ndio most beberus think but never say aloud…

many videos on that site are full of racial vitriol

tsk bullchyeth

tena hii ni recycled

Hapo ukipanda cabbage itatoka na katoto??


Otherwise me thinks ni hekaya tu ya that ka jungu ndio aonekana he’s explored Africa…

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Hell with that…fertilizing? Mkojo inacontain urea na ammonia our providing the earth with that alone should make earth want to thank us too damn it